Monday Must Have...Uncle and Aunty on my wall

Monday, January 11, 2010

How quickly the weekends go by! Hope you all had a good one. This little piece has stayed on my must have list for a while. I even visited Crate and Barrel's little sister shop CB2 in New York last fall and had a look at it in person. I stood there and somehow rationalized away that I couldn't carry it on the plane so I must not need it that much afterall. I just can't help being drawn to it. Maybe because its a fun and kitsch piece of desi art that gives a modern nod to the old school photographs of our grandparents day. This uncle and auntie 'mogul' inspired canvas art will just have to stay on my must have list and it certainly doesn't help that its currently on sale too.

Sadly the "Palace Potrait" only available outside of Canada, at CB2.


Maria Killam said... [Reply to comment]

We are so deprived for great home decor stores here!! You'll have to go there again!

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