What day is it? Going calendar crazy...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The first week of 2010 is done and for those of you who haven't put up your fresh new calendars here are some fun suggestions. Don't you just love putting up a fresh new calendar? Well, maybe its just me then. Although I live by my blackberry calendar and definitely require my standard real estate guy mini magnet refrigerator calendar...

I wouldn't mind using any one of these below to keep me more scheduled, organized and amused.

Always start with a little Canadiana of course. Image via AGO

New meaning to sticking it on the wall. Image via suck uk

Popping plastic bubbles everyday? How very awesome. Image via Perpetual Kid

Look at these fantastic colours that would brighten any day. Jumping point calendar by Michael Domberger featured on Fokal

Little black calendar of course. $30 USD from Unica Home