Green thumb and plant love...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So I have been asked how to incorporate plants into your home without it looking like your mom's personal greenhouse. Now I am the last person in the world with a green thumb, but I can proudly say I have three plants in my house (okay 2 were gifts). But I do believe they are important and very much a necessity. Personally I like to incorporate them as pieces of sculptural art. Pay attention to the planters, scale and colour and see how they literally inject life into a space.  A houseplant should complement the space -not fight with it. What do you think? Calling all plant lovers out there, how do you make the Home Depot terracotta plants look designer savvy?

I have this plant, works well, but I adore this planter. It would look great across any wall.
Image via Freshome.

A cubist touch. Image via Modern Designer.

Succulants always look fantastic in any space. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Simple but with a punch. Image via House and Home.

I have that same plant. Image via

I need to get succulents in my house. Love, love and love. Image via Apartment Therapy.


Patricia Torres said... [Reply to comment]

The metal glass one looks lovely!! I like having plants at home as well..

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