Serious chair crush: the classic Cherner chair...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So I have developed a serious crush with The Cherner chair. I can't help myself, everytime I come across an image of one, I want it even more. I don't own one (maybe because they cost a small fortune) but one day I will. I'm not sure if its the draw of the molded plywood, smooth curved lines or the great legs that call out to me. It could be the allure of sophisticated and simiple mid-century era. Who knows, I have never sat in one, but its not casual family room comfort that I'm after. Even if I never sat in this chair I would still adore it when I walk by. See? Major chair crush.

Perfect fit in any corner. Image via Channel4.

Loving the walnut. Image via Cherner Chair.

Two Cherner chairs with my all time favourite Saarinen table. Sigh. 

So sculptural and fantastic. Image via Apartment Therapy.


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