Throw me a blanky..

Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is what it looks like outside my window today.

Yes I know, patio furniture that should have been put away months ago.
 Image via my hubby of our backyard. 

Our snowy treetop view.

A beautiful snowy day that makes me want to snuggle up with a soft, warm and cozy blanket. Take these for example.

Usually, most Indian moms (well mine anyway) sneak these beauties (I got a couple) into your stockpile of stuff when you move out. You can find this lovely one at

Hands down, the warmest 100% acrylic blankets on the planet and you
can get  them in an assortment of colours and animal and bird images.
(Yes you are detecting a hint of sarcasm and truth all rolled up into one).
This one is available at Global Textiles.

But I'm leaning towards something more like this.

If I had a $1000 or so lying around, why not? Wool and Cashmere throw available at Hermes.
While we're talking crazy priced throws, check out this Burberry wonder. Available at Nordstrom.

Maybe a little Canadiana is what I need. The HBC point blanket available at the Bay.
Image via HBC Heritage.

I think I can settle for something simple like this today. Image via Valencia Home.

Or this. Yep, this is a nice snuggle up space. Image via UrbanSardines.


meera sethi said... [Reply to comment]

OMG! You also love those immigrant rose blankets ever so conspicuous in homes here! I never thought I would find someone else who digs them! So soft and warm and strangely charming.

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