Underwater mysteries...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm a  Pisces, so apparently my star sign says that I should be naturally drawn to all things water, ocean and sea. I do admit the allure of the mysterious dark deep blue sea is intriguing. As a kid I had my token goldfish and always read about sharks (perhaps the Aries in me - I'm on the cusp). Anyway, bringing the deep blue on your walls is a plus in my books. I could look at water for hours and equally keep in myself in awe over the delicate creatures beneath the sea that could hang so wonderfully on my walls.

Jefdesigns 'Anemone Lightbox' art available at 2 modern.

Sea Fan anyone? Beautiful. Also available at 2 Modern.

Gorgeous Gorgonia (its coral..ya, I looked it up.) Available at 2 Modern


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