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Saturday, February 6, 2010

So our family room chair debate has begun in full force. We recently purchased two of these 'Lola' sofas from EQ3. We got them in a wonderful slate grey and they are super comfy and should withstand the kiddies (we hope). I had to compromise here as I really wanted the Sidecar sofas from Crate and Barrel but was unwilling to splurge just yet, as I need a million other things.
So now here is where our debate begins. I want two Zara leather arm chairs. I know what your thinking, family room, these look too hotel and not comfy at all. But I kid you not, they are SUPER COMFY. It is deceiving. My girlfriend (who is brutally honest) sat in them too and was equally impressed. Plus, well, I love the look.

New family members. Images via Soho Concept

But this is the dilemma, my husband wants casual arm chairs, that are super comfortable, and in his words.... wait for it.....  have UTILITY. Who describes a chair with the word utility? It is not a knife or a pair of scissors. Fair enough, it should be functional, but form cannot be entirely compromised. As those words came out of his mouth he showed me this...
The giant gorilla chair (I'm gagging here).  Available via Lazyboy

Posting it here has given me shivers all over again. Now I don't want to offend any owners of this chair or chairs like this. We have all sat in them, and yes, I will agree they are comfy and functional. But frankly, they only really look good when your eyes are closed.

Anyway, apparently whatever I pick has to 'feel' like this chair? People, my husband has pretty decent taste, a keen eye for colour and scale, but what is this? I can't work with this, I refuse, I will be a stubborn cow and fight it tooth and nail.  Help is needed, this chair debate may go on forever. Somehow, I need to get him into the store to actually sit in my chair. I will carefully devise a be continued.


Patricia Torres said... [Reply to comment]

Its very sleek... but doesnt look comfy at all.. I'll take your work on that one!!

Wanderluster said... [Reply to comment]

I once dated a guy and it was going well until he said his dream chair was a Lazyboy recliner with a cooler in the armrest for his beer! Nope, sorry, you can't work with that chair. Good luck in convincing the hubby that you need something less, um, utilitarian.

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