Drapery dilemna...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So my reno resolutions are underway (I will post pictures shortly, promise). Anywho, one of the design choices I made was to install wall to wall sheers with the intent to expand our walls, manage some light, but keep our view in tact. Well, they are up and I think they look fabulous, hubby dearest disagrees and well pretty much hates them.  So dear readers, what is your take? Wall to wall sheers? Love or Hate? Either way I'm living with it and totally loving the look. I'm sure hubby will come around at some point or ignore it altogether and focus on his shiny new tv instead. 

Wonderful and bright. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Lovely and layered. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Modern and sleek. Image via Interiordezine.

Definitely expansive. Image via Cameron Broom Ltd.

Yum. Image via Home-Dzine.

Very intimate in a bedroom too. Image via Corcoran

Wow, I know look at the windows and natural light. Fantastic. Image via Home-Dzine.


Patricia Torres said... [Reply to comment]

I have blinds in my living room... with curtains in front... I want to remove the blinds completely and change to curtains... Reno for the year for me... :-)

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