Desi Art: Meera where have you been?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The title should probably read, where have I been? Fortunately, I came across this wonderful local desi visual artist, Meera Sethi, reading one of my favourite blogs The Key Bunch. I got a little extra excited knowing that Meera is some home grown talent. Her own description of her work is bang on...bold and unapologetic. It is a colourful look a cultural differences and personal styles.

I love her Firangi Rang Birangi series as it screams culture, colour and beauty. Meera describes this work as referencing "fashion, clothing, ornamentation and style from a range of different sources to produce an identity that is  fresh and unique, yet deeply rooted in that diasporic, transnational experience."

Here is sampling of what she has to offer.

From her Bodhisattava series available here.

Nataraj collection also available here.


DesignTies said... [Reply to comment]

The colours in the Firangi Rang Birangi Series are gorgeous!!


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