If you HAD to pick?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My sister and I always use to play this game as kids- we would go through magazines and ask each other, if you HAD to pick just one dress or pen or chair from an option of two or three...which one would it be? Who knows why we thought it was fun, but it was. So here you have it folks, a new segment from me. If you absolutely, had no choice, but had to pick something,  as if your design life depended on it, if you HAD to pick ...which one would it be?

A colourful white hallway?

Pretty colourful hallway for a white one. Image via House to Home UK.


Glass hallway?

I think I would go being going Windex crazy. But it is stunning. Image via House to Home UK.


ID fan said... [Reply to comment]

I would pick the colourful one. The second image is totally modern and such a clean design... but the windex would kill me :)

DesignTies said... [Reply to comment]

My practical side says the white colourful hallway, but the rest of me says the glass hallway!! Unfortunately, with two dogs I'd have to go with option 1 -- I don't think doggie paws will work very well on glass stairs, not to mention all the wet nose marks ;-)

Thanks for participating in our giveaway. Good luck!!


Kerry @ First Time Fancy said... [Reply to comment]

I'd have to say the white hallway with the pops of colour! It's me! ;) The glass staircase is too modern for my taste!

Frangipani Decor said... [Reply to comment]

I would pick the white one. It would be completely impractical for me in this dusty part of Goa, but I'd employ an army to scrub the stairs every day and keep it shiny and clean. And yes, I'll take that colourful cupboard home anyday!

Amy Perrotti said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Designwali! Thank you for your interest in my work. I would be happy to be featured on your blog. I just ask that you link any photos back to my shop and label with "Amy Perrotti". I look forward to seeing your post! :)

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