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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I just wanted to take a few minutes today to say thank you. To all my readers who take a few minutes out of their day to see what I'm rambling on about, I sincerely appreciate it. I especially want to thank my blogger mentors (Design Ties, Colour me Happy, Wallpaper, Bright Bazaar, Made by GirlThe DecoristaThe Design Notebook, Style sleuth, Rambling Renovators, Once Upon A Tea Time.... Design Stories, Colours Decor, Desire to Inspire.. just to name a few) who without knowing it, have inspired confidence in me to keep on going and see where this blogging adventure takes me. My goal is to simply take myself and anyone who wants to join along for the ride, to find a little happy place. Here is some fabulous art work by Las Vegas artist Nay, which does just that. You can visit his Etsy shop here and his blog here.

Certainly one of many. Available on Etsy.

Today I do. Availble on Etsy.

Kinda what I think the blogging world is all about. Available on Etsy

Who wouldn't right? Available on Etsy.

Sometimes I still do now. Available on Etsy.


Marcus Design said... [Reply to comment]

I had to leave a comment because I sooo identify with this post, I really feel the way you do!! There are so many great people in the blogworld and they are such a great support. It is such a fun world to have entered and I can't wait to see where it takes me either!!! Sometimes I feel like I have more in common with my new blogger friends than with some of my 'real life' friends, lol. Thanks for the great post.

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