Sexy Home theatres (ya, is that even possible?)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So hubby dearest actually talked about my blog the other day (without me bringing it up). He thought I should write about something 'useful' -home theatres and how to make them a part of your design aesthetic. If you guys are anything like me, 'home theatre' to me just means ginormous big screen with hundreds of components and wires all over the place...and ..wait for it...5000 remote controls (I just shivered here). Anyway, he has a point, hard to live without tvs and incorporating this into your homes can be a struggle. Should you hide the tv in an armoire (flat chance in my house), hang it as art, dedicate an entire space for it? What to do? Here are some clever solutions that nicely balance design and function.

Looks great, but where are the components?  Nice look for a bedroom. Image via House to Home UK.

I barely noticed the tv either. But I guess that's the point. Image via here.

Clean and modern. My hubby would give me points for it being functional, hiding the components behind black glass. Image via Amode

Love that bowl. TV looks good here too. Image via decorpad.

Black and Yellow library with recessed flat screen eclectic family room
I love the idea of blacking it out. In fact, I did this in my basement, the tv just blends into the wall. Family room design by San Francisco interior designer Jacobs Design, Inc. Image via


Marcus Design said... [Reply to comment]

I love the last two images, the tv alongside art, and the blacked out screen on the wall! Such great ideas and they look really good.

Rambling Renovators said... [Reply to comment]

Some great ideas there!

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