BG design fix...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brian Gluckstein (BG) is a Toronto design god.  Several years ago I was lucky enough to see the man work his design magic in person as I sat like a giddy little groupie audience member on a local tv show. I turned into Gumby when I saw him at the Toronto Interior Design show. The guy just oozes design rock star. His work is sophisticated and polished. Sometimes I just need that design shine and I can always leave it to BG to follow through. Let's just soak up  some of his greatness today.
Lovely Yorkville, Toronto loft. Pure glamour. Image via Gluckstein Design.

Bright and bold. Same loft. Image via Gluckstein Design.

Palm beach goodness. That sideboard is to die for. Image via Gluckstein Design.

Zen indeed. Just the BG fix I need today. Image via Gluckstein Design.


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