Colour and more colour...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here are some rakhi inspired rooms. Lots of colour. I certainly love looking at rooms like these and am not entirely afraid to commit to colour,  I have pops of it all over my home, but could I do whole rooms dedicated to big bold colours? Hmmm...Could you?
This is what I mean when I say flashy rakhis.

Not quite as flashy thanks to the white...but bold in colour. I kinda like. Image via here
Lots of colour here and lets not forget the disco ball. I love that pop  art of gramps on the back wall too. Image via here.
Now thats colour blocking. Image via here.


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said... [Reply to comment]

I love that second image with the hanging lanterns...and that sofa is so neat! I think if it was the right room, I could decorate the whole thing in bold colours - maybe a play room perhaps?

Sudha said... [Reply to comment]

may be the room with such vibrant colours will grwo on u...but realllllllly vibrant!! wow

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said... [Reply to comment]

Just loved this very colourful post!!! goes with me :)

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