My mojo has gone awol

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm feeling so blah today. You think I would be rejuvinated after a few days off, but truth be told, weekends away become tiring, you drink & eat WAY too much, kids routines are off and then of course lack of sleep hits you like a tonne of bricks. Just haven't gotten my groove back this week and the more I think about what I need to do...the harder it seems to get focused and be super productive. Sorry, don't mean to complain and be a Debbie downer or anything...just feel so blah, so uninspired and where is my motivation gone? Why isn't my Type A personality kicking in right about now?
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Maybe I should go get some of those life re-inventing motivational books or something to give me the good old kick I need. God knows I need to ramp up on my reading these days. Or maybe I'll just stare at this chair for a while and I'll magically snap out of it.

Nope. Still in a funk. Wow even one of my favourites the Eames Molded plywood chair can't get me going. Oh dear, this is going to be a long day. Image via here


Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

You need to go for a run! (That's the only thing that gets me out of a funk, even if its caused by the tiredsies)...failing that, maybe if you receive a ton of "you're a Rockstar" comments on your blog, that will help lift your mood...I will go first:



Designwali said... [Reply to comment]

thanks shannon! you are bang on about going for a run. I joined the running room last year, did a few 5Ks and it really kept me going. But now I have fallen off the excercize bandwagon, which could explain this funk.

GB said... [Reply to comment]

Hey, I'll chime in too....

DW you're a rockstar!!

but seriously...its okay to have some downtime...try not to focus on getting things right all the time...they'll just fall right back into place!!!

On another note: this is my mommy brain kicking in..."DW" reminds me of Arthur's little sister....I know, I need to get out more often. :)

Marcus Design said... [Reply to comment]

I think down time is amazing!! It's hard to keep up with everything when trying to enjoy the long days of summer. It's a time to enjoy family and friends :) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

Downtime is great for the body, especially after you have been go-go-go, but nothing pulls your brain out of a funk like endorphins!!! :)

I'm sooo preachy, Its only because I have all this energy now that the baby started sleeping thru again (he is 15mths now, and fell off the wagon for about 3 mths)

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