Run fatboy, run...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Title of a very funny movie that I should probably watch again this weekend. I need to start excercizing again. Poor hubby, sisters and girlfriends have heard me moan about it long I think it is time to act. It's really too bad that  I would much rather eat some Presidents Choice chocolately caramel treats ice-cream (this is not a plug it really is so delish..) rather than slap on my running gear. What can I do? I am so NOT motivated at all (although my jeans tell a slightly different story). I really have no excuses as I have fitness equipment at home! Oh the shame. Step one - I will look at these luxurious gyms and maybe if I stare at them long enough the fitness fairy will pop over and get me moving again.  Alright, I'll take your laughs as a no chance in hell. Happy Friday folks.
So nice and bright. Image via here.

A little glamorous yes, but I could focus on that twinkling chandelier. Image via here.


Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

OMG! I wish I had a home gym overlooking the ocean! (Or even Lake Ontario, heck)

What you need is new SPANDEX (ha ha, or Lycra gym clothes, or lululemons)...and new sneakers, and new socks (I get mine from winners)

Then maybe a new sports water bottle, and maybe a new watch to keep track of time....THEN maybe you will be motivated to start!

But start! Today go for walk (or extra long walk if already walking), that counts!

LINDA from OEKE said... [Reply to comment]

You cracked me up with your 'debbie downer' comment .. and feel like your twin sister with your motivation re: exercise. I would feel inspired with pic no. 1 - but would probably have to grow my hair, die it a beautiful blonde shade and have trendy clothes to exercise in. THEN I would need a bunch of pretty friends who are all frightfully talented and smart and educated, children who are picture perfect in every way AND after all that, would have to be all of the above too. SO, I guess I will stay in my pj's all day - read a book and let the kids play Wii after a long tiring week. Let me know how you get motivated and I'll try it (_:

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