Ask DW: A whole lot of beige..ho hum.

Friday, September 17, 2010

It has been a while since I've done one of job has got me whipped. Sorry P, you have been patiently waiting.

1. Today's Design Dilemma:
Reader P wants to get inspired by her living space. Its just plain old boring and she wants to change it up. She has one of these sectionals that can split, needs more seating and light and needs to accomodate the tv. What to do?

2. Inspiration:
Designer extraordinaire Peter Fallico's room. Love the greys, beiges, greens & blues with that touch of black. Image via House & Home.

3. What I came up with:
Now I know I can do better than this (its too safe for me) but I was strapped for time. I do think the furniture arrangement needs to change to get a better flow. Lose the leather ottoman and glam it up a notch. I would move the TV to the other wall maybe on the wall over a faux white fireplace? Lose the bookshelves and bring in some softness with drapes and pizazz with some art. Readers, can you offer any suggestions? Let the design brainstorming begin!


GB said... [Reply to comment]

I'd lose the rug and bring in some color there.... and bring in one big comfy chair to balance out the seating-- i like the one you've picked out.

Roncy Vic said... [Reply to comment]

I think the room has a lot going for it, where it could improve is in its woodwork. I too would place a fireplace between the 2 windows, with a nice painted wood mantel to add architectural interest. As you suggest, the TV could be mounted above.

The sectional itself is very nice, however it blocks the flow and creates an uninviting boundary. Instead i would opt for a simple tuxedo style sofa centered on the fireplace and facing 2 slipper chairs. The fireplace and the furniture grouping would draw people in.

Where the cabinet and white chairs currently are, i would really up the architecutral details by replacing them with built-in floor to ceiling bookcases (doors below to hide hi fi components, and shelves above to display books and small items). I would paint these bookcases the same colour as the baseboards, window casings and the mantel.

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

The suggestions so far are great!!! Here are a couple other things you could try:

1- I would replace the tall unit that is in the corner with a counter height cabinet (or console, or buffet without the hutch), and put the extra 2 dining chairs - one on each side. Hang large art or a large round mirror (not necessarily a sunburst, something with lots of shiny glass to bounce the light around) over the cabinet, then put plug in sconces on each side of the art/mirror...

2- I would get drapery panels for the windows...hang the bar high, about 6-8 inches (I think? eyeball it) above the window frame...this will give you a chance to play with colour/fabric

3- If you are keeping the sectional (I agree with the other ladies that a couch + 2 chairs is a better arrangement, but this may be your main TV space, and the sectional might be more practical)...I would drape a colourful throw, folded neatly, across the chaise part. I would also get slightly smaller and more puffy/perky cushions that work well with the new drapes.

4- complete the seating arrangement with a cozy chair for the near right corner (in the picture)...look at the arrangement used on Sarah's house season 1, her basement set up.

5- replace the TV console with a taller, narrower piece...could be an antique...I get a condo vibe from your current console...

ps you can probably find the 2 new console type pieces on Craiglist...I wouldn't want them the exact same height and width btw...make sure not matchy matchy could be a dresser even...

pss we got our silk drapes from West elm...quite reasonable...and the drapes at Tonic Living seem GORGEOUS!

psss HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disclaimer: I have 1 million ideas a minute, and I never know what I'm talking about :)

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

Woah! Did I write all of that? crazee

Designwali said... [Reply to comment]

Fantastic suggestions folks! This is true design for the people by the people! Love it.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

P .. you better sort our your living room now:P


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