Hey Santa, I need a lama for christmas...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I've been pretty darn good this year so I'm hoping St. Nick can work some of his magic and get me this glorious piece of art. I adore this piece created by German Artist Lydia Poodle. It is titled "Harriet or Lama with the yellow scarf" and I am beside myself loving how fabulous it is. I've been thinking about it all weekend. I'm usually not an animal art type of girl, but this piece makes me smile. I love the colours and well, it just makes me plain old happy when I look at it. Check out Lydia's blog Pudel-design here as she is a major DIY gal and creates fantastic pieces of art too.
Harriet you rock. Come on, this makes you smile right? And I think she ships to Canada too, hmmm I'm thinking I need a lama for christmas real bad. Available here.


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said... [Reply to comment]

That is adorable!

Patricia Torres said... [Reply to comment]

oh thats adorable.. I'm going to check it out!!

Pudel-design said... [Reply to comment]

That ist so sweet of you, showing my art to the rest of the world;)
That makes me smile!
Thank you so much, you made my day;))))
Lovely greetings...

GB said... [Reply to comment]

Awwwwww! I could do with some llama time too!

barbara@hodge:podge said... [Reply to comment]

She stopped by my blog the other day as well, wish I could read German, sniff.....

Adorable llama!

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