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Monday, December 6, 2010

Well hello Monday. You think I would be nice and refreshed at the start of the week, but I'm anything but. This weekend was full of girl chat, birthday madness, corporate kiddy christmas cheer and me trying to squeeze in some time at the One of the Kind show.  It was all good fun. I just wish I had some more time at the show to actually shop. Sadly it was more like a drive by visit to the show. It was hard to take it all in, especially, when your smart self drags along two tired kids and an equally disinterested hubby. It wasn't a total loss because I did manage to catch some superb art all over the place and saw some show stopping pieces by Peter Colbert. Peter's work stopped me in my tracks (quite literally as I was chasing my 2 year old through the aisles). I wish I had more time to speak to the artist himself and ask about his pieces, but cranky kids were calling. All his paintings in his booth were rich in texture and colour and there is no doubt that I could see one of his masterpieces in my home. Next time his booth will be my first stop (sans kiddies). If only I had another day.
Not certain if this piece was exactly featured in his show (I didn't pull out my bb to take snaps) but there were similar ones that were equally fantastic. Check out Peter's site here if you want to grab on for yourself. 
Okay I didn't totally leave empty handed as I managed to pick me up one of these gourmet apples (for the kiddies of course) from Bruce Country. Not quite the art I was looking for ,but the best candy apple ever. Hands down. Available here. 


the cinnamon post said... [Reply to comment]

oh no you didn't!
i think the cutoff for bringing babes is about 6 months of are a brave one.
it sounds like you had a fun full weekend though;)

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