Cobalt on the brain...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My friend B popped over for a visit last night and of course we were busy discussing her wedding plans  for her upcoming nuptials next year. Somehow the conversation lead to her wearing something like these for her big day.
Fabulous, I know.  Now B & I can't stop thinking about these little cobalt gems and haven't had any luck finding them online. Now the hunt is on - don't worry B, we'll find them. Image via net a porter (where apparently they are no longer available!!)

So now I have cobalt on my are some spaces with that cobalt awe-inspiring touch.  
So rich. Love it. Image via Elle Decor. 
Pop of blue behind the shelves. Looks great with all that pink too. Image via here.
Gorgeous with tan. I love how cobalt is so rich & regal. Makes me happy. Image via decorpad.

Monday Must sparkle

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oddly enough this weekend I was drawn to Christmas ornaments in the stores. Maybe its all that sparkle. I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles. Anyway, I found myself looking through all the endless ornaments at Pier 1 (I went in the store for an entirely different purpose). I haven't even put up my Christmas tree yet and for me the holidays seem so far away as my workload gets the most intense this time of the year. My tree is usually pretty safe in its decor choice...faux tree, white lights, stuffed with lots of white ornaments.. My sister J expresses her dislike each year as she says its too 'done' and not homey enough. My little girl wants pink ornaments this year and my 2 year son also chimed in with the request for lots of green trimmings. Oh what to do? How do I ever relinquish my control freak holiday decor rights?  Yep, the Christmas madness is slowing beginning. In the mean time..lets look at the sparkly ornaments shall we?
Very glamourous indeed. These would be a perfect for all the brides to be I know (yep you N, B & C). Available at Pier 1.

Thought of my french loving friend S when I saw these. Then I seriously started reminiscing about my trips to Paris as a youth and got depressed. Also at Pier 1.
Kinda a freaky...but for some bizarre reason I like them (well not the blowfish scares me a little). At Pier1.
Spotted this baby online at CB2. I know..its a cow..but I like it. 
This one reminds me of my hubby..since he is so anti-Christmas, this might make the perfect present for him. Also available at CB2.
I didn't see these when I went in person, but now I totally want them...BADLY! Guess who is going to Crate & Barrel next weekend? Available at Crate & Barrel
Penguins do it to me every time. Love these. Strangely they remind me of my two brother in laws J & G. Also available at Crate & Barrel.

Okay, not quite sparkly or shiny, but the effect of these little beverage reminders can be the same. Totally you C. Totally you. Available at your local Starbucks.
Finally these last two from my own little monkeys pushing me to make a Christmas tree decor change. Pink & Green at Bouclair. 

Loving the stripes..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another week gone. Is it me, or are any of you a little surprised how quickly the year has been going by?   No snow for us in Toronto yet. I know, its coming. In the meantime, I hope you all have a very colourful weekend. Happy Friday folks.
I absolutely love that chair. I especially love that it is situated next to a lovely bar. This is the fine work of Thom Filicia. Image via here. 

Kiddy Corner: Inspiring Spaces

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some fabulous kiddy spaces that I had to share. Lovely colours & textures. I love decorating kids rooms. I keep redecorating my kids spaces all the time (in my head of course).  Hope your thursday is going well.

Feldman Architecture modern kids
Great pink curtains and love the modern lamp. Design by San Francisco architect Feldman Architecture, Inc Image via

Nursery traditional kids
Traditional indeed, but i'm digging that yellow car. Image via 

chalkboards closet doors- cookiemag eclectic kids
Very global. Love it. Image via

Growing Up Stylish contemporary kids
Sometimes green is all you need. 

Desi Art: Maharani's Expedition

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was reading one of my favourite blogs, An Indian Summer, and was thrilled to find the work of desi artist Shirin Saba featured. Shirin's work is bright and bold and very textured. I love her little mini people sprinkled throughout her work. She is incredibly talented and without a doubt I would love to have one of her pieces brighten my home one day. You can find her work here and follow her great blog musing here. Fingers crossed.
So much colour and those flowers. Gorgeous! Available here
I love the way this painting moves. All the little much fun. Image via here. 
Maharani's expedition. This one is my favourite. I love everything about it...the colours, the texture, the tone and the maharani on the elephant. I'm starting to save for this one now. Available here.

I'm a gold gal...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've always been a gold gal. I wear almost exclusively gold jewellery. Maybe its the Indian girl in me. Whatever it is, you can imagine my delight when I see it used in home decor. Don't get me wrong, silver & chrome do have a definite place in design, but gold just takes you back into another time. I found some of these gold and grey combos below and I gotta say I love it. How about you?
Love this gold and grey combination. Image via thehousehome.
A little old world but I like the tone and of course that green. Image via decorpad.
A little modern midas touch. Yes I would get that piece of art. Image via desiretoinspire.

Monday Must Have...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another weekend quickly over. My list at the start of the weekend is usually quite long, get errands done, weekly house tasks and the of course, tackle closet organization. Can't say I got through any of it. Did however manage to escape to a new Crate & Barrel location and of course spotted this bedding. Bright, bold and pink. A must have.
Marikmekko Polneesi Ruby Bedding available at Crate & Barrel. Love it. 

Sit back and relax..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday is here and once its over I hope all of you take the time to sit back and relax this weekend. Even if its just for a fleeting moment. happy friday folks.
Fun wingback version chair from West Elm. Wingbacks usually scare me a little. This one, not so much. I like. Available at West Elm.

If you HAD to pick...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You lucky folks get high ceilings today. So which one would you pick?

A little greige? (thats grey, beige, brown  colour lingo, I think). That sofa looks super comfy. Image via marieclairemaison.
Or a blue hue? Image via Design Labyrinth.

Good old Ikea?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My office is the pits and I thought I would start the renovation glory by getting some quotes for a wall of bookshelves. Well I got my quote. Completely off the charts with my price expectations. So now I'm a little bummed because in my head I was thinking of office shelving like this. It really was a wonderful vision.
Sorry I don't have the picture reference here as this picture was sitting in my dream house folder.
I guess now I'm going to have to move towards this more affordable direction. I'm not really loving the glass doors or those knobs. But I need some drawers (to hide junk in). Ho hum. Hemnes series available at Ikea.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be an Ikea snob, it has saved me on more than one occasion. Actually its pretty amazing how many people produce such beautiful unique homes based on Ikea principles. Check out this site Ikea Family Live.
This is apparently mostly Ikea. Albeit, French countryside Ikea, but ikea nonetheless. Image via here.
So is this. Okay that wall looks fantastic. Image via here.

I'm having trouble spotting the Ikea here, maybe the plant? Doesn't matter digging this Swiss home with it those warm floors and fantastic doors. Maybe Ikea is not so bad afterall. Image via here.

For you taxi driver uncles out there...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't our taxi driver uncles have a right to some decor savvy as well? Alright, jokes aside, these taxi pillows from CB2 have a definite sense of humour. Or maybe its just my humour. Anyway, I like. Hope you are having a good day. I would say I'm 'swamped with work' but my friend C said that I talk about work too much on my blog, so I shall refrain. Back to the taxi driver uncle pillows.

Taxi India pillow available at CB2.
Go for a gift set people. Taxi Mexico & Taxi London. Available at CB2.

Monday Must Have...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Who doesn't love starting a new week? This little baby caught my eye this weekend and I gotta say I'm loving that worn leather with the chrome. Looks comfy to me and I'm thinking may be a nice addition to my family room. I think I've seen something similar at Elte & Restoration Hardware, but this petite version takes the cake.
Brown leather Beaubourg armchair. Available at Maison du Monde.

I could live like this...

Friday, November 12, 2010

I don't know what I love more this room or that spectacular view? Are those wicker chairs? Seriously people, I could live like this. Especially on a Friday evening with a glass of red in hand. Sigh. Today I'll settle for some comfy jammies and a warm glass of milk. Hey whatever works. Happy Friday folks.
Very city indeed. Design by Brett Bedlock image via Decorati.

I'll take any kind of storage...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick post today as I am rammed with work. Here is a great storage trunk I found at Homesense. I love it. I think I should have bought it for my son's room. Chances are its gone now. Oh well. Who loves this with me?
Great Union Jack storage trunk. Looks fab. Image via my blackberry.

Ask DW: Which sofa style?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have an aunt who is begging me to go with her to get some custom sofas made for her new home. She has a bit of a traditional style, but the new home is a blank slate, so we can go nuts. I have tried to help her narrow it down to one of the four styles below? Pretty safe I know, but that is what she wants? Her space is huge and she wants 2 full length sofas, most likely in an L shape. What do you guys think? I'm thinking navy or indigo or a charcoal grey fabric. Thoughts anyone?
Sorry no references for these images as they were in one of my folders.

if you HAD to pick...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haven't done one of these in a while and since I have office re-do on my brain, what spot would you pick? If you HAD to pick?
Rainbow of colours? I love that graphic artwork and fun desk lamp. Design by Raji RM & Associates via Decorati.
Amoroso Design contemporary home office

Monday Madness...

Monday, November 8, 2010

My internet connection was out of order today. It is quite amazing how frustrated I get when I can't 'connect'. I really need to chill out more. Anyway, as a result no deep thoughts today (hahaha...I know, when do I ever go into deep thoughts here?) So I'll just post some pictures of my snazzy Orlando digs. Sure it rained 3/4 days and it was super long days,  but I never really noticed as I was too distracted with the big pretty king size bed I had all to myself. Bliss.
Day one was sunny. If you squint really hard you can see some palm trees amongst the blue skies. Sorry bb photos here.
My room. Sweet eh?
Pretty aqua, yellow and green bed. It really was as comfy as it looks.