I could live like this...Boston Brownstones

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I was in Boston on Monday and this was my view from my work digs. Yes, it was FREEZING.
As my colleague gave me the 20 second Boston tour from the 47th floor window he showed me the prestigious Back Bay area that was full of gorgeous multi-million dollar brownstones. As I drove by in my cab, naturally I tried to peek inside homes and imagine how gorgeous some of these old beauties must be. Thankfully google helped me have a look inside and I must say...I could live like this (even though it felt hellishly colder than Toronto).
Wow, it looks even better in the summer. Image via here.
Clean and modern. Back Bay Boston town home image via here. 
Eclectic and fun. Image via here. 
This one is familiar. I think I might have spoken about this space before. What is not to love here? Frank Roop design of a Back Bay home. 
ooh lovely! I love big wall size art. That plant makes a statement too. Weiss and Wirth design. 


Kerry said... [Reply to comment]

I looooove Boston. B and I spoke about moving back to his home city at one point... but recently we agreed we can't handle any more winter, so we'll settle with just visiting family and friends there! :) It's definitely such a gorgeous place to be in the summer!

sarah.wandering. said... [Reply to comment]

Love brownstones. They remind me of the Cosbys, 227 and just about any show, movie or music video that shows neighbours gathered on the front steps. And they are usually packed to the rafters with great architectural details.

Stacey said... [Reply to comment]

Stunning view in that 1st pic and such amazing spaces!! I'm blog hopping today:-)

lisaroyhandbags said... [Reply to comment]

I love brownstones and Boston, though I've only visited there once but we did drive through some gorgeous neighbourhoods.
Thanks for popping by! It's so nice to meet another fellow Canuck with an awesome blog! :)

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said... [Reply to comment]

Oh wow! Loving these! My fave is that eclectic one.

jessica said... [Reply to comment]

i love brownstones!! and i'm loving these photos! :-)

Elle Uy {SWITCHEROOm} said... [Reply to comment]

My favorite is that massive living room with light blue drapes! Classy with lots of punch of colors.

Kathy Carbone said... [Reply to comment]

Those bright-colored walls are elegant! You have to go for brownstones if you want a touch of classic for your house, matched with hardwood floors. That clean and modern home image reminds me of the apartment we stayed in while we're in Tampa last summer. The bright walls are relaxing, especially during daytime.

Ailith Blesington said... [Reply to comment]

True, the feel is very clean and modern, with the furniture and the color giving it life and complimenting the rigid-looking hardwood flooring. Man, I wish to get my home in Indianapolis renovated as soon as possible, just so I can incorporate the style I've been wanting to try.

Alana Geikie said... [Reply to comment]

In that perspective, it’s not difficult to see how Back Bay must have looked in the past. Touch the photo up a bit, and you can fake an old photo with that. Even more amazing is the fact that the interior of each house, from the floor up, doesn’t reflect the dark and somber tone of the brick exterior.

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