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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I eventually picked a headboard for my daughter's bed as I was debating about earlier here. For you local Torontonians, Zooma Design, he made it custom and in one week and at a superb price! My daughter's room didn't really need a makeover. Its pink and she loves it.
See? Not bad, I liked it when I first did it but now that wallpaper is kinda getting on my nerves. Actually, I'm blaming her wallpaper for keeping her up at night and forcing her into my bed.
The dilemma is her new headboard is so pretty. I want her whole room to feel pretty (yes, I think I'm selfishly creating my own dream childhood bedroom through her). I want the wallpaper gone (hubby is not happy about that) and give it a quiet and classic feeling like this inspiration picture I ripped out of my House & Home magazine.
Isn't this room just dreamy?  It has a great wallpaper but I think I'm leaning against anymore wallpaper. Image via House & Home.
Here is her bed. I love it! This picture does not do it justice. I picked the fabric and the brass nailhead detail. I seriously love this bed people.
So now I need some paint colour suggestions. Christine from Bijou and Boheme recommended Behr's French Heirloom and I think it may be my top contender. But I also came across Martha Stewart's Ballet Slipper Pink, Elderflower and Pink Sea salt. So now I'm confused.
Seriously, they are all starting to look the same to me now. 
I hate making painting mistakes, sure you can just run out and get a new can and try again, but seriously who has the time for that? Its a miracle that I can carve out some time to paint it in the first place.  She only has one window and it is not very bright (poor kid faces a brick wall..talk about a view). Oh one more thing for inspiration.
Isn't this fabulous for a little girl's room? I found this at Homesense and immediately picked it up for her room for a bargain price. I love all the colour and how happy it is.
Right now 3/4 of her room is cloud white and that loud wallpaper. Time for a change. What do you guys think? Design brain dump needed. Next segment - bedding.


christine {bijouandboheme} said... [Reply to comment]

Ah her bed is sooooo gorgeous! And thanks for the link...will definitely check that company out. As for the paint, it's hard to tell on the screen but I will tell you that my suggestion does mirror that gorgeous inspiration room in that the pink is quite a purply/blueish pink. It's also a very soft colour and can almost look white at times. If you are in the market for a stronger or more intense pink, I'd go for one of the other choices. Can't wait to see her room all done- it's going to be gorgeous!

Patricia Torres said... [Reply to comment]

oh my!! oh my!! her bed is gorgeous... Oh and I do like the wall paper as well.. the pink is lovely!!

Wallpaper said... [Reply to comment]

That bed is gorgeous!! do you have a link for where you got it, my sis needs a new headboard.

Pallavi Arunika said... [Reply to comment]

Hi..I am new to your blog and totally loving it.
Great job with the head board and I also love the painting that you picked up for your daughter's room. It's got all the right colors. My two cents to your dilemma : Since your daughter has just one window which faces a brick wall , chances are that her room might not have enough natural light. I think color #3 is great pink shade. Good Luck !

Leigha said... [Reply to comment]

I vote that you use sample cans, paint splashes of each color, and then choose. It's just so hard to tell on the computer!

Either way, I don't think any of the options would look anything but beautiful.


indiestar said... [Reply to comment]

Love the headboard - it's beautiful!! And love your blog too. Stumbled here by accident and am here to stay :)

Here's my two cents on pink paint for your daughter's room.....I just painted my 3-yr old's room "Gentle Butterfly" by Benjamin Moore after I saw a gorgeous shot of it in "House BeEautiful" magazine. It was in an adult's bedroom - it's such a GORGEOUS and sophisticated pink. You have to check it out before you decide.

Edin's House said... [Reply to comment]

The headboard is fabulous - love it! Your inspiration painting is beautiful too!! Of the pinks you're sharing, I like the Ballet Slipper Pink... seems to work wonderfully with the soft pink flowers in the painting. Why not consider a darker pink for the headbard wall? Something like the dark pink flower in the painting?

{Hi Sugarplum!} said... [Reply to comment]

I found your blog while googling Pink Heirloom...Christine's taste is spot on, so I'm considering it for my DR! :) Now I'm digging around your blog to see what you decided! :)

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