I could live like this...Auckland beauty.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My little cousin is returning from her month long trip to New Zealand today. Thank goodness she is safe with the recent earthquake that hit the country. Needless to say, I'm flat out jealous that she had a month full of skydiving, nature walks and zorbing (I don't even know what that is and am too lazy to google it). I can't imagine how many breath taking views and landscapes she took in (well actually I can, she routinely kept us updated on how gorgeous this country is).  I'm wondering if she came across any beautiful homes like these ones designed by Auckland-based architecture firm Patterson Associates. If she did, I'll be even more jealous. For now, I'll just soak in these jaw dropping homes by Patterson Associates.  I could seriously live like this.
Could you wake up with this view every morning? Image via here.
Parihoa rural hillside home in Auckland, New Zealand. Now this is one hell of a family home, sheep and all.  Image via here. 
Wow. Image via here. 
Cocktail party anyone? Most definitely. Image via here.


IDfan said... [Reply to comment]

I could live like this!!! Gorgeous!!


Maggie @ Okay, now what? said... [Reply to comment]

New Zealand is my Dream. My lotto win plan. I've been there twice for 3 weeks and would go any opportunity possible. Did I tell you how much I love New Zealand? They have a lot of modern decor and architecture.

christine, just bella said... [Reply to comment]

I dreaaam of going to NZ one day, so beautiful. A friend of mine is living there right now and thank god was okay in the midst of the terrible earthquake. Sending positive thoughts to such a beautiful place!

Design Elements said... [Reply to comment]

such a beautiful place!

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