Oh no we didn't....Pudel Design edition

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All the way from Germany, we have Lydia from Pudel Design joining us today!

Hello Lovelies, the talented Miss Sundeep asked ME if I would guest post on her blog and be one of many others who take part in her "Oh no we didn't...." series. And HELL Yes, I do want;) I thought a lot about what I should show you here and after a while I knew it would be my office/atelier/blogging headquarter;))
It is the last space in our house that isn`t officially ready, because we have so much to do outside, 
in the garden and on our patio...Okay are you ready for this?! be prepared, it get`s ugly;)
You see that?
Nope, that isn`t a real table, this is a leftover countertop, 
simply mounted on the wall.
I have two printers and the one needed an extra place, 
so my hubby thought, let`s get a plank and mout them on the "table leg";)
Looks really ugly but it works.
You see all the cables and wires?!
This room has never seen something calls "DESIGN"
You know jus a few things in this room look great;)
The chair, looove them, his name is Gregor and it`s from IKEA.

The DIY Memo board, also made from an IKEA frame 
and the screensaver;)
Ant this is what I thought my room would looks like when it`s done;)
Some nice white`s and neutral`s a little bit of grey,
some good storage opportunities, a cool rug, a nice lamp and pretty textiles.
This would be my dream office space;)
Maybe one day, when everything else is done around here I get this room;)


tina / half of what I say said... [Reply to comment]

My office is one of the last places on my decorating list. Which is sad because I spend so much time in there.

I love the vision you have for the office, will look gorgeous!

mydeco said... [Reply to comment]

Wow ok granted it isnt the greatest place but it looks ok and Im sure you'll get it to the state that you want it! Good Luck! (self promotion but if you need help designing it use mydeco's 3D room planning tool)

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