Oh no we didn't...What's up Whimsy edition

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello everyone! We have Shannon from What's up Whimsy today sharing with us today!

Hi Designwali readers! I am pumped to be guest blogging today about such a fun topic...okay, it's not fun to point out ugly things in your home, but it's fun to know that everyone has them.

I actually have two "Oh no we didn'ts".

The first one is the first sofa that my husband and I purchased together three years ago.

We eagerly skipped over to West Elm and picked this sofa out for a few reasons:

1. It was under $1000
2. It was the right colour at the time (although I HATE it now!)
3. The material was stain proof (great for kids!)

But there is one hang up - it is the most uncomfortable sofa I have ever sat on!! You may have noticed the short back cushions.  Well, they are super stuffed, so you end up with no back support past your shoulder blades and you have this huge lump in your back!  Whenever we have people over, I always have to apologize because they look so uncomfortable sitting there and I'm constantly rearranging the cushions to try and make it less of a brutal sitting experience.

My husband and I look at each other all the time and say, "Oh no, we didn't!", but it will just have to do for now because sofas are expensive!!

The second "Oh no, we didn't" is our TV.

It is literally a monstrosity!! My mother-in-law bought it for us when we first got engaged and we were so excited because we had the biggest TV out of our friends (it was 5 years ago and yes, we got excited over that type of thing!).  The stand is atrociously ugly and the TV fits right into it, so we can't get another, more appealing-looking, stand.  It also takes over our living room, which is kind of on the small side, especially with all of my son's toys in it.  

However, it will just have to do until we can buy a sleek, flat screen TV.

Oh no, we didn't....again!

Thanks again to Sundeep for letting me be a part of this series.  I hope you got a chuckle and you aren't alone with any uglies you may have.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said... [Reply to comment]

I love that you've shown the 'ugly' side of your home! God knows we've all got them! I just had my kitchen renovated, due to water damage, and I already have regrets about a couple of the choices I made, under pressure! Blah! Good thing we've both got lots of nice places to rest our eyes in our houses!
Thanks for sharing this!

lisaroyhandbags said... [Reply to comment]

I love this post because we've all done it. We used to have a monstrous tv like that as well - we couldn't even lift it! Thankfully we've got a flat screen now which is much sexier. And in my opinion, no one needs anything larger than a 40" tv, regardless of what the salesperson tells you.
We had a big square arm sofa in our rental apartment in Ireland and since we sit sideways on sofas, the square edge was always digging into our backs no matter how many cushions we tried to use. So for us, no more square arm sofas. :)

Lucky Girl said... [Reply to comment]

Apart from the small back cushions, which I can imagine are quite uncomfortable, that sofa looks like it has decent lines. Do you think you could have tight, tailored back cushions made in a coordinating fabric and slightly higher than the back of the sofa, that would give you better support?

Eye See Pretty said... [Reply to comment]

Brave girl! We all have at least one oops in our homes. Mine is my 2 year old sofa which I purchased because I wanted something more contemporary. The seat is not quite deep enough and the back cushions slouch down like yours do. I'm going to remove the back cushions and replace with some 22" square down pillows. That way we have the comfort factor and add some pattern in!


Connie @ SogniESorrisi said... [Reply to comment]

I had the same experience with the TV. We've given it away now that we moved in to the new house and bought a wall mount. The thinnest one I could find! lol

Adding the finishing touch said... [Reply to comment]

Aside from your "Oh no we didn'ts" I love the picture above the couch and the red shelf near the TV!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Some thoughts Shannon: For the couch, rip out those uncomfortable short stubbies and replace with hand sewn (if you sew) colourful oversized cushions in a variety of colours. The colours would pop against the shade of the sofa, and by sewing them yourself, you can control the softness/firmness of the cushions. I'm thinking red, mint, turquoise, orange, go wild!

For the TV set, have you looked into Ikea's Besta series. They are basically boxes that can be used in a million different configurations. I'm thinking of something that could sit to the right, left and top of your existing tv/tv stand unit. Look at this for some ideas: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S29888852#/S09869430/

Good luck! Natalie

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said... [Reply to comment]

We've lived through the massive tv phase... we bought a big heavy HD (but not flat panel) when they first came out. What a monstrosity. Love the idea above of replacing the back cushions of your sofa with big pillows...

Dayna @ Inspiration for Decor said... [Reply to comment]

Shannon - that tv made me laugh out loud. Not in a making-fun-of-you kind of way because there are still many of us with those great big TVs (and if they aren't broken don't send them to a landfill!), but in a oh-why-did-we-ever-think-they-were-great-?! kind of way. Definitely fitting for 'Oh no we didn't..' Such a funny series of posts. I think we can all recognize some of our own mistakes in these posts ;)

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said... [Reply to comment]

I have bought (and replaced!) so many sofas on a whim - when will we learn?!!

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