Desi wedding...let's get started shall we?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I have only been rambling on for months about my kid sister's wedding her nuptials so I think its time for a bit of a recap. So much colour, sparkle and laughter made the celebrations memorable and over the next few days you'll have a sneak peek of my sister's big fat Indian wedding. Today some pre-wedding festivities the week before the big day to kick it all off!
A little blessing, some flowers & sweets to kick start the celebrations!
With a little help from my cousins we whipped together some colourful sari tent decorations for the mendhi party!
Gorgeous mendhi (aka henna) on the bride's feet!
Bridal mendhi she kept on for over 24 hours...what a trooper N!
Kleera for the bride (more accessories for the bride!)
Punjabi jaggo dancing (folk dancing) in full force. 
The dancing went on all night long. What a party!
Oh I loved these little lanterns. We decorated the whole tent with them! (shhh from dollarama!!)


sarah.wandering. said... [Reply to comment]

That mendhi is absolutely gorgeous! and the wedding looks beautiful!

Sumana @ Colours in my mind said... [Reply to comment]

Love the kleera ! So gorgeous ! I can almost imagine how lovely the tent would look with all those lit lanterns.

laxsupermom said... [Reply to comment]

So beautiful! Love the lanterns and you did a wonderful job with the sari tent! Her mendhi is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

Neha Gupta Khorwal said... [Reply to comment]

extremely beautiful.. gud job! i always wanted to do something like this for my wedding but will surely remember for my siblings' weddings!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said... [Reply to comment]

That looks fantastic! I love that some wedding celebrations last for days :)

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