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Thursday, August 25, 2011

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts here, R and I (well, mostly me) were eager to knock things off on our 'house list'. One of those items was to get a new chair for a family room. So naturally I was leaning towards my favourite Hans Wegner Shell chair and lucky me headed over to one of my new favourite  Queen street stores Home Craft Decor and picked up a version for myself. I'm smitten with how great it looks in the space and how comfortable it is! I have been finding it funny how most people who come around are reluctant to sit in it and are surprised how sturdy & comfortable it really is. Yep, definitely my new favourite.
Looks great in this corner of the room. Available at Home Craft Decor. Those crooked photos drive me crazy...the price you pay when you put them at kiddy height.
Now orginally I wanted a walnut version of this chair and got this dark brown version.  R likes it all matchy matchy, but I REALLY wanted the Walnut  colour and Ameet from Home Craft Decor has assured me that he will swap it out as soon as he gets one in. See how great this service is?
sorry a boring pic I know...but just wanted to show the space this fun chair lives in. Oh ya, I have a 'no coffee table rule in this family room'. Just for now as the kids love the open space. Although I could use some new pillows or something to add colour as the space feels a little flat. Suggestions anyone? I struggle with pillow selection- perhaps a post for another day. All images via me.


Shanthi said... [Reply to comment]

Lovely space Sandeep and that chair looks so cosy to sit and fits well with the rest of your decor. YESS!!! do add some color here and there.

tina / half of what I say said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE it Sundeep! Works beautifully in the space. I have no advice on pillows, because accessorizing is my absolute downfall. I'm waiting until I'm done my rooms, before I even go there. Presently I have the most mismatched unappealing selection of pillows ever.

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE the chair!!!!

I am terrible with pillows too!

sarah.wandering said... [Reply to comment]

Love this chair. Been eyeing one myself, just haven't jumped in and purchased one yet. But it looks great in your space!

barbara@hodge:podge said... [Reply to comment]

Love the chair! Perfection!

Sudha said... [Reply to comment]

lovely chair, and being one from one of my fav designers!! wins hands down

Meera @ firstsense said... [Reply to comment]

It's darling! Love the smiley design :)

Patricia Torres said... [Reply to comment]

oh my gosh!! Totally amazing chair.. Yes!! Its absolutely stunning!! wow!! and looks super perfect in your home.. :-)

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