I don't know what to get my husband for christmas and now I'm getting pimples on my forehead.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Even with all the gift guides out in blog land I still can't seem to figure out what to get R. The man never 'wants' anything (I know..what the ???). It doesn't help that he is little anti-Christmas and well, frankly our family Ebenezer. Ya, bah humbug...no Santa...the whole nine yards. But ever since our kids came along he obligingly stays 'mum' on his opinions and neither supports or reputes Santa's existence (a very smart daddy). So therein lies my dilemma. What do you get someone who you have known forever, and is kinda awesome but is a Christmas skeptic. I suppose it doesn't help that when I actually start looking for him I get seriously sidetracked and convince myself that he really would like a new chair, or a new piece of art or that killer Hermes bracelet  belt (ahem, belt, yes belt for him of course).
A very high probability of this happening. The underwear and the art from this talent on Etsy would make a practical and creative gift I say. Meaghan's cool prints found here.


GB said... [Reply to comment]

Okay, I totally share your problem, tho' he's not anti-christmas or anything, he's really hard to shop for. This one year, I'd given him a photo calendar with our son's pictures for each month of the year and he'd put it up in his office.....otherwise it's always scarves or belts. Underwear? now there's an idea..... :D


Amelia @ House Pretty said... [Reply to comment]

The title of this post made me laugh out loud. Thank you :) Love the poster and underwear idea...

Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

HAHA I love this poster, and this post!

laxsupermom said... [Reply to comment]

My hubs is impossibly hard to shop for, too. Love the poster! Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Jessie said... [Reply to comment]

You just cracked me up! I don't know which one is funnier, your title or the awesome print!

Great post, hope you find something for your hubby! :)

Have a fabulous day!


Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

My Mr Scrooge opened up a bit this year (first time)...he wants:
-winter coat (Canada Goose coats are out of my price comfort zone - sorry hun!)
- tablet computer (a what? what is that?)
- photo printing printer (ummmm ?)
- or a bean bag chair...(I like the fat boy bean bags, but not sure about $300 price tag)

Not sure his list will help you with your man...

I ended up buying three hardcovers from amazon.ca...I am not sure I will manage to wrap anything else for him! Besides, how do you fit a bean bag chair under the tree?

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

If you know of a good bean bag that I can order online and its decent shipping - please let me know!

mkk said... [Reply to comment]

Same problem! Would love suggestions...

Sharon@house58blog.com said... [Reply to comment]

I just about lost it over the print. It is friggin' hysterical. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the laugh.

Shanthi said... [Reply to comment]

hmmmm.... So, I am not alone in the world having this problem :-). I started buying him a massage time in a good spa and he enjoys it - I think so :-)

Kimia Kline said... [Reply to comment]

hahahahahaha! that poster is so true/hilarious.

Lisa - A Room with A View said... [Reply to comment]

Wow..thank you for this idea :)!! Hilarious. We are 11 adults who play the secret santa game and pick a theme every year. It is hilarious. So every adult gets one gift...all the kids get something from everyone. I have birthday and wedding anniversary in Dec as well so I'd rather he not go crazy looking for 3 things and he his happy he does not have to. I have to take a look at this Etsy shop.

travelkate said... [Reply to comment]

I definitely can't help you out here! I am always paralyzed when it comes to getting gifts...I always want to buy the perfect one and so wait until the last minute. I haven't done any holiday shopping yet, ahhhh!

April said... [Reply to comment]

Love the art! :) As for the gift, what about getting him an "experience"? For the person who has everything (or, on the flip side, wants nothing), an experience is unique, can be shared (or not) and isn't something that will clutter up your closet in the long run. Wine tasting tours or sky diving or race track racing or a gourmet cooking and dining evening ... there are tons on the market. And maybe it's something you can do with him! Just a thought. Good luck!

purplehomes said... [Reply to comment]

ha ha ha ..love the title of your post and the underwear & artwork idea! Brilliant. I think I am going to put this idea to use...yes definitely:)

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

My partner and don't do regular gifts these days. We plan a special day together or go on a trip, or something like that. Having fun together is the best gift! Try it if you can. It's great. Seriously.

lealou said... [Reply to comment]

Wow you just described my husband. This is what we're doing: For a gift, I told him that each of us has to come up with 12 dates (equaling two a month for the less math fortunate ;)) to do in 2012. That way we're forced to go out and do something for ourselves twice a month. These can be with or without our son. Hopefully he does it! His initial response was "cute" but then he didn't seem too keen but at least it's something fun to look forward to! I'm going to dress up each idea with different paper and fonts and wrap each one up...

InteriorGroupie said... [Reply to comment]

haha this is a funny post. I am not laughing at your expense...but I am. :) Maybe an animal poof?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

That is a lol post! Good luck shopping. For bah humbug dudes usually socks or ties work too heheh... London N

John Potter said... [Reply to comment]

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