Monday Must Have...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello folks, its Monday morning and I'm probably sitting in a large conference room somewhere in Orlando playing with my gold locket (it holds my kid's pictures and I always take it with me when I'm away from them). I should be listening to the big wigs speaking but can guarantee you that I'm wondering who is reading my blog today (yes I pre posted this blog today) and wondering when I can get back and blog hop for today. Anywho, spotted this baby ages ago at this uber fabulous Canadian Etsy shop Hindsvik and have fallen in love with it ever since. I mean everyone needs a giant Ampersand right? It makes me smile. Actually you can check out the Hindsvik blog that equally makes me smile. A must have for me. 
I want this Ampersand by Hindsvik. Available on Etsy.

A happy bathroom...

Friday, January 28, 2011

I have a short weekend this week as another business trips takes me back to Orlando for a few days early Sunday morning. Wouldn't it be lovely if my hotel bathroom looked like this? That gorgeous wishbone chair and the gold gilded mirrors look fabulous against all that clinical white. I'll keep my fingers crossed. It certainly would make me feel a little better as I feel guilty as hell for leaving my babies..yet again. Happy Friday folks.
My favourite wishbone chair and all that gold. Lovely. Image via Cabbage Rose. 

Desi Art: Deep Dhillon

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I was lucky enough to come across super talented Seattle artist Deep Dhillon a little while ago. I remember how instantly I was drawn to his colourful pieces. I loved how his sketches and paintings moved with all those rough brush strokes. I have to admit, I love the whole desi vibe of his work too. Its not that often (hardly ever) that you see many Sikh artists on the scene and being a Sikh myself, I find it thrilling that you actually see some Sikh art subjects. You can check out Deep's blogs here & here and see how he captures his adventures with his family. 
This one looks like the artist himself. Image via here. 
Gurdwara at Night. Lovely. Image via here.
Sardar and boy on Motorcycle. Reminds me of my grandpa when he was a young army officer. Image via here.
 My favourite one. I could see this one in my house and I would love telling people what its called.  Biji's in the Pind. I love this title (means 'grandmas in the village'). Image via here.

I could live like this...Boston Brownstones

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I was in Boston on Monday and this was my view from my work digs. Yes, it was FREEZING.
As my colleague gave me the 20 second Boston tour from the 47th floor window he showed me the prestigious Back Bay area that was full of gorgeous multi-million dollar brownstones. As I drove by in my cab, naturally I tried to peek inside homes and imagine how gorgeous some of these old beauties must be. Thankfully google helped me have a look inside and I must say...I could live like this (even though it felt hellishly colder than Toronto).
Wow, it looks even better in the summer. Image via here.
Clean and modern. Back Bay Boston town home image via here. 
Eclectic and fun. Image via here. 
This one is familiar. I think I might have spoken about this space before. What is not to love here? Frank Roop design of a Back Bay home. 
ooh lovely! I love big wall size art. That plant makes a statement too. Weiss and Wirth design. 

It only took 6 years...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love taking pictures but then have a hard time displaying them anywhere. It takes me forever to get frames and then figure our where to put them. I don't like family pictures on every wall, but like to carefully select spaces or vignettes for them which is why it has taken me over 6 years to put them in my family room. I figure a 'family room' should have at least some family pictures in it. I have limited wall space in mine so after careful deliberation and then a 'what the hell' attitude I finally put them up. The wall I selected is tricky as it also is my staircase to the second floor. I can't add a table or anything underneath as that space is a pass through to the mudroom so I can't block it. For now it works and I like looking at my favourite people as I sit in the space. Why didn't I do this sooner?
Who knew a few pictures on the wall can make you so happy? Next, a corner armchair.

Why am I so chicken?

Monday, January 24, 2011

So this weekend I hit the local gym with my cousin R and I happened to spot a local HGTV star. Now, I don't live in a chic Toronto neighbourhood or anything, so much to my surprise, when I spotted Income Property's host Scott McGillivray hitting the weights at my gym, I was a little more than surprised. My cousin kept encouraging to go up to speak to the guy as he was working out (which I might add...he looks even better in person) and introduce myself and ask about his show. But all of sudden I became school-girl shy. What is that? I mean it didn't help that I just finished working out and looked at my absolute worst, but now I regret it. I should have just went up to him, what did I have to lose?  I hate it when my shy self just reappears out of no where. Oh well, here's keeping my fingers crossed for next weekend....and I'll be sure to slap on some lipstick before I hit the never know.
Scott McGillivary host of HGTV's Income Property. How come none of my contractor's look like this?
Some of Scott's work on Income Property. Great show as it focuses on overhauling spaces to help folks generate additional income and better balance their lives. Image via here. 
Not bad. Image via here. 
Loving those stools. Image via here
Not bad for a rental space, eh? You can check out more of the Income Property before & after's here. 

Have a seat in my egg...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Week is done and time to take a load off and relax for the weekend. That is the plan for me but a business  trip looms on Sunday night and well loads of errands to run in between. It would be a successful weekend for me if I can hit a West Elm and pick some sample paint..but even that sounds ambitious right now. In the meantime, I'm loving this classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair in this tan leather, I could sit here and chill on a Friday night. Could you? Happy Friday folks.
A masculine glam. Love. Kate Hume design. Image via here.

If you HAD to pick...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

You have a chandelier to hang, so what colour would it be, if you absolutely had to pick one.
Turquoise wonder? Another sweet Tobi Fairley design.  Image via here. 
Or this lovely lemon? Design by Kate Hume. Image via here. 

Okay now, which duvet cover?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yesterday was paint colour and today is bedding. Maybe I should be doing this the other way around. It is much easier to match paint to fabric. Anyway, I am torn on which direction to go. I'm trying to consult my 5 year old and well, she doesn't understand why there are no disney princess duvet covers to be found anywhere (ahem, I haven't shown her any as possible options, I know bad mommy). Here are some that I'm thinking could be serious contenders. What are your thoughts?
This one is my absolute favourite from Rikshaw design. Surprise surprise...paisleys...but look at those elephants! I REALLY want this and I keep trying to convince myself that the Cdn dollar is at par with the US so go for it...but it really far more than I wanted to spend on my 5 year old's bedding. Just love this block print bedding.
Now what about this? Reversible too. I think this may be it. This is the Vintage Scarf Reversible Duvet from Urban Outfitters.  It has colours, which is what my daughter keeps telling me she wants. She did say she liked it when I showed it to her online. I think this may last her a while too. 
Another option, although the kid wants pink. A bit ho hum. Available at Bouclairs. 
This looks kinda nice. From Ikea. What do you all think?

Which pink?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I eventually picked a headboard for my daughter's bed as I was debating about earlier here. For you local Torontonians, Zooma Design, he made it custom and in one week and at a superb price! My daughter's room didn't really need a makeover. Its pink and she loves it.
See? Not bad, I liked it when I first did it but now that wallpaper is kinda getting on my nerves. Actually, I'm blaming her wallpaper for keeping her up at night and forcing her into my bed.
The dilemma is her new headboard is so pretty. I want her whole room to feel pretty (yes, I think I'm selfishly creating my own dream childhood bedroom through her). I want the wallpaper gone (hubby is not happy about that) and give it a quiet and classic feeling like this inspiration picture I ripped out of my House & Home magazine.
Isn't this room just dreamy?  It has a great wallpaper but I think I'm leaning against anymore wallpaper. Image via House & Home.
Here is her bed. I love it! This picture does not do it justice. I picked the fabric and the brass nailhead detail. I seriously love this bed people.
So now I need some paint colour suggestions. Christine from Bijou and Boheme recommended Behr's French Heirloom and I think it may be my top contender. But I also came across Martha Stewart's Ballet Slipper Pink, Elderflower and Pink Sea salt. So now I'm confused.
Seriously, they are all starting to look the same to me now. 
I hate making painting mistakes, sure you can just run out and get a new can and try again, but seriously who has the time for that? Its a miracle that I can carve out some time to paint it in the first place.  She only has one window and it is not very bright (poor kid faces a brick about a view). Oh one more thing for inspiration.
Isn't this fabulous for a little girl's room? I found this at Homesense and immediately picked it up for her room for a bargain price. I love all the colour and how happy it is.
Right now 3/4 of her room is cloud white and that loud wallpaper. Time for a change. What do you guys think? Design brain dump needed. Next segment - bedding.

Monday Must Have...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Well hello Monday, here again already? Today's post is dedicated to all my fellow desi wives out there whose husbands complain that we don't make them enough roti (aka 'chapatis') like their moms. Well maybe I have something here that might encourage more of us to bust out the 'atah' (flour) and whip up some roti? Look at these chapatti rolling pins from CB2? Doesn't it make you want to run to the kitchen and start rolling & flipping away? Ya, I didn't think so either, but hey they would look good in our kitchens. A must have. In my case, minimal use, but man oh man they could look great on a wall. Have a good week folks.
Those are a whole lot of rolling pins. Available at CB2. 

Just need somewhere to go...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Now if you had a space like this wouldn't it make you just want to get all gussied up and go out somewhere fabulous? I need a spot like this. I would have but no choice to get all gorgeous and have a night out on the town. Hope some of you do tonight. Me? Tonight just snuggling with the kids and trying not to pass out by 8pm. Happy Friday folks.
Quintessential Dressing Table eclectic bedroom

Stylish blogger me?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wow 2011 has already brought me some good  karma these first few weeks as you lovelies in the blogging world have awarded  my little desi blog for the "Stylish blogger award". A huge thank you to Carissa from The Fabulous Design File and Barbara from Hodge Podge who have given me a major ego boost. This stylish blogger bug is going around and I like it!
So I guess that means I need to spill some random tidbits about myself and nominate some fellow fabulous bloggers. Here goes nothing.

1. I don't like holes in my socks or anyone else's for that matter. Drives me bonkers.
2. Like many, I can't help but decorate in my head when I go over to someone's house. You could be talking to me but secretly I'm figuring out a more efficient furniture placement or wall colour for your space.
3. I love gold jewellery.  I can never get enough. Currently I'm loving this and this.
4. I love the colour grey for walls. I could paint the whole house grey (I know hubby, we practically did)  and be totally fine with it. BM Metropolis, Stonington Grey, Classic Grey and Snowball currently co-exist at my place.
5. I think I'm addicted to paisleys. I'm like a dear in headlights when I see some good looking paisley (same thing happens when I see sequins). Ironically, I have yet to own any paisley home decor related item for my home yet. This may be my first purchase.
6. For some strange reason, I bust out the waterworks when I watch the Biggest loser (and trust me I don't usually cry at these things) and if I catch TLC's The Baby Story - I'm done.
7. It has been way too long (6 years) since I have visited India and I'm itching to go back, although I would have to come back with a crate full of home decor goodies and about 3 suitcases of Indian sarees. Trays, temple bells and sarees, what more could a girl ask for?

Now the fun part I get to pass this ego boost to other fabulous blogs that definitely deserve a visit.
1. Of Peacocks & Paisleys...
2. The Cinnamon Post
3. Sarah.Wandering
4. Sound Horn Please
5. Pudel Design
6. Design Labyrinth
7. Frangpani
8. Eat Live Shop
9. Modern Jane
10. Just Bella

My new art: Angela Cameron

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My little sister fed my art/design habit big time over the Christmas holidays. She bought me an Angela Cameron piece that I have been coveting for so long but never allowed myself to get (because of that "money should be spent elsewhere" guilt trip I give myself). Needless to say, I was thrilled on Christmas to unwrap this baby from Art Interiors (which I have yet to visit in person - I'm afraid I'll buy too much). I love the colours and I recently got it framed and now its 'wow'.  I love walking by it and it makes me so happy. Funny how art can do that? Thank goodness art can do that. To see more lovely Angela Cameron works go here or here.
Sorry for the crappy photo as I was rushing to take them. But I'm happy with my new art! Yeah. Thanks N.

Beauty Bag at Wallpaper

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey folks, lucky me was asked to participate over at Liz's Beauty Bag series on her awesome blog Wallpaper. Check out my post today and you can see some of my daily beauty regimen tricks. So many other fabulous bloggers have participated in this series and I must say there is some serious learning involved. Thanks so much Liz!

A little brit...

Today marks my little nephew's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday R. He lives in London and of course this room reminded me of him when I first saw it months ago. I'm sure his mommy & daddy will spoil him rotten today. Happy birthday from the Canadians!
Everything about this room is cute. Image via here.

Monday Must Have...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello folks. Hope you had a delightful weekend. I've been busy reorganizing my kid's room (her new bed arrived...yippeeee...giddy with excitement and I will share more this week) and just overall trying to organize the house. Sadly its going to take a lot more than one weekend to complete. Anyway, this is a busy week for me work wise and there is so much I want to post about. All in due course. In the meantime, I came across these lovely rustic wall stone lamps and they kind of stopped in my tracks! I love them. So earthy and rich and it makes you feel like you have visited another world. A must have for me. Wall stones are available at Wisteria. A must have indeed.

Just sleeping in...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Well hello Friday. This week wasn't even a short one for me but it flew by - my kind of week. My plans for the weekend? Take down my Christmas decorations (its funny how they are driving me crazy now and just a few weeks ago I loved them so much), more reorganization and purging and well try to grab me some more shut eye. Now if I had a bedroom like this I might be in my bed all day long. I'm loving all this textile with the brick. Dreamy. Happy Friday folks.
West Chelsea Loft asian bedroom
I'm loving all this textile with all that contrasting brick.  Bedroom design by New York interior designer Amy Lau Design

If you HAD to pick...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

You get to makeover your bedroom, which one would you pick if you absolutely HAD to pick?
Lots of texture? Image via Decorati.
Or lots of character? Image via Decorpad.

Kiddy Corner: Life's curve balls...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sometimes life can throw you a whopping curve ball or two that you never really saw coming. These days for me all that entails is messed up sleeping habits for my kiddies (which means broken sleep for hubby & me) and uncertain childcare arrangements for me in the near future (I shiver at the thought of making new arrangements). Nothing terribly dire, but still....blah. So what to do? Pick up those curve balls and throw them in some cute toy baskets for now.
3 Sprouts Pink Elephant Organic Storage Bin. Very cute. Available at Kolkid.
Superhero storage..why not? Maybe my son & hubby would pick up after themselves if they threw them in these little guys. Available at Pottery Barn Kids.
Pricey but cute. Available here.
Cute Japanese made fabric basket with little hedgehogs on it. Delightful. Available on Etsy.
Love this modern look just not the modern price. Argington Fuji Toy Box available through CSN.