Royal Week: And they lived happily ever after...

Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm flying back today and plan to just watch the royal wedding highlights all weekend long with my kiddies. Hope you liked Royal wedding blog week here at Designwali. Happy Friday folks.
My cousin R wants one of these...I just know it. Jan Constantine's Regal Cushion image via here.

Royal Week: if this saree was a room her majesty style

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So what would Kate wear if she was having a Indian wedding? Diamond encrusted wedding lengha perhaps? Saphire blue or soft whites? The options would be endless if she was donning the Indian princess look. Let's have a look shall we?
Royal engagement rings, sarees and velvet. Pure luxury. A little sapphire blue in this elegant Anju Modi saree featured on South Asian Bride looks equally stunning paired with these royal blue velvet banquettes available at Horchow. 
Soft whites anyone? A little Diana love, with the Bollywood queen Aishwarya and of course a romantic living room.  Aishwarya Rai in Manish Malhotra as featured on South Asian Bride and another Horchow creation.

Royal Week: If I was in London this week I would stay here

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sadly I'm not anywhere near London. In fact, I'm heading out to Connecticut for business for the next few days. Nothing wrong with that, its just that I don't like leaving the kids and of course I'll miss the 'live' royal wedding footage because I'll be working (yes, I considered staying home and watching it with my kids - bonding right?). Anyway, some lucky ducks may actually be staying at these fabulous London Hotels that have kicked it up a notch just for the wedding celebration.
A little London love in the Union Jack room at The Zetter Townhouse.
Maybe a little more luxury is your style at the Mayfair London who are offering a VIP Royal Wedding Package in their Azure Suite & Saphire room.
I could hang out here no problem. Now you can indulge in a Royal Affair package for about $30,000 if you stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. Living like a Royal indeed.
In case you want to pamper your little princess, the Swissotel The Howard London is offering a Pretty Little Princess package for about $6,000. Complete with a horse-drawn carriage & tiara. Sigh, something tells me my hotel tonight will be a little less royal.

Royal Week: Tea fit for a Queen

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alright, nothing is more British than a cup of tea. I love having tea with cookies. It has been a love affair since childhood fuelled happily by my London raised mom.  We are also Indian, and well, if you don't drink 5 cups a tea a day you fall out of the stereotypical norm. Anyway, if you want to add a bit of a royal touch to your little tea party look below and go nuts. Although I'm pretty sure the queen may step it up a notch or two.
Must start with the right teapot. Union Jack teapot by Emma Bridgewater available at Selfridges.
Ooh, this would do nicely full of yummy biscuits. Small Britannia Plate available at Liberty London.
Are any of you mug tea drinkers? My little sis N is...this would be for her. Available at Harvey Nichols
What is tea without biscuits right? mmmm. Available at Notonthehighstreet.

Oh and wouldn't this be the perfect spot to take a sip? My girlfriends had tea here at the Savoy years ago and ya I'm still jealous. One day. Okay time for my cup of tea now.

Royal Week...A monarch for your wall.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My lovely cousin R is insisting that I dedicate this whole week to all things Royal. Largely because she is a Brit and is uber excited about the upcoming Royal nuptials happening in her home & native land. So I figure why not? Monarchy and decorating comes easy right? Ummm turns outs not so much. Let's give it a go anyway. Need an instant royal fix for you home? Royally inspired art might do the trick.
Who doesn't want Royal Andy Warhol pop art of Queen Elizabeth II? Available here.

Queen head stamp art blown up poster style can is a great start.  Available here. 
We've all seen how monarch art can look good with this picture which has made it rounds in blog land. I had no idea it was a rug? Available here.
Make your dining space grand and hail to the queen. Image via HousetoHome UK.
Of course to mark this Friday a commemorative Royal wedding poster by James Brown. Available at Liberty of London.

Happy Easter

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just hanging out with my bunnies today and of course, sneaking in a chocolate egg or two. Happy Friday folks.
Cute. Knobby Knee Bunny rabbit By Fern Tree Studio on Etsy.

Long weekend is around the corner...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Has this week gone quickly for you? It has for me. Thank goodness because I'm tired. Early mornings and late nights have a strange way of catching up with you. This long weekend for us means just hanging out and relaxing. Okay maybe some chocolate easter eggs too. Maybe I'll glance at my mile long to do list...maybe...but no guarantees. Now can you imagine relaxing in this stunning medieval modern home overlooking Plaça de Sant Domènec in Spain? I know, those chairs, that lamp and all that stone. Droolworthy.
 Anna Noguera design found here.

If this saree was a room...SHP edition

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To see my If this saree was a room series this week, head over to uber fun blog Sound Horn Please who was kind enough to have me visit!

Out of this world indeed..

Alright...lucky me stumbled across Saskatoon Interior Design Firm Atmosphere on a cute Canadian blog called Half of What I say is Meaningless (this chick's home is to die for..go check it out). Lucky her is using this design firm to spruce up her home. I'm totally jealous. I mean when I saw some of these rooms pictured below I almost felt like calling hubby up, putting the house up for sale and literally moving to Saskatoon so I could hire these guys to do my new home. These guys have a great modern, clean and contemporary aesthetic.  These rooms make me seriously swoon. Check out Atmosphere's site here and their blog.
This kitchen is gorgeous. I think, I really think if I had a kitchen like that I might actually cook. Image Atmosphere Interior Design.
Is anybody going nuts over that royal blue sofa & toile combo happening? Image via Atmosphere Interior Design
All I need is some bubble bath. Image via Atmosphere Interior Design.

Grey kitchen cabinets. Another one for the dream house folder. Image via Atmosphere Interior Design.

If you HAD to pick....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You want to include more nature living for your humble abode. How would you live if you absolutely HAD to pick?
Living in the trees? Breathtaking Palms home by by Ehlich Architects. Can you believe someone actually lives here? 
Custom Design contemporary dining room
Or dining with a lake view? Stunning. Design by San Francisco architect Sutton Suzuki Architects. Featured on

Weekend Snapshots...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thanks for all your kind words on Friday was a crazy weekend but thankfully our gala was a hit and everything went well without any drama! Lucky me now has some of my life back (well whatever I can squeeze in between, kids, hubby, work, blogging, prepping for my sister's wedding, my unfinished decorating, laundry, etc.) For now, let's enjoy some snapshots from my weekend.
 Gorgeous entrance to the ROM. Nothing beats modern architecture and Indian elephants.
Amazing interior.

Fantastic music, lots of dancing, stunning historical building and gorgeous that's a night at the museum. 
My glamorous wardrobe for the night. All images via me.

Weekend Schmoozing..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Starting tonight I have a weekend of schmoozing with some professionals and politicians at a gala that I've been helping to plan for months. It is being held at the Royal Ontario Museum tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to the blend of dinosaur bones and Indian art. I'm pretty excited that it is coming all together and that I met so many great people along the way, but also a little relieved that its almost over. All I have to do now is get dolled up in my Indian attire, grab my laptop, checklists and remember to smile. Fingers crossed all goes well. Happy Friday folks.
Wow. Now I could schmooze in this glam space all night long. Designed by Indian fashion designers Abhu Jani & Sandeep Kholsa.

Kiddy Corner: Now that's what I call playtime.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yesterday my kids were actually playing in the backyard (finally the weather is cooperating here) with some sticks and rocks. Nothing wrong with that as I'm a firm believer they need to use their imagination to have fun and not always depend on toys and gadgets. But I'm not going to lie, I did feel a little bad that they didn't have a swing set. Its one of those things that has been on my list forever...but I never get to it and then it snows and I put it off for the following year. So its on my list again but when I saw these playhouses I was like forget swingsets..can you imagine having one of these playhouses in your backyard? Forget my kids, I would take my laptop and hang out there too.
How gorgeous is this? I My kids would have fun here for hours. Posh outdoor playhouse by David Lamolla Kristiansen and featured on Dornob.
I swear you could keep house guests in here. Featured on Dornob.
Okay this kid's playhouse looks better than my house. If I were a kid I would just move in here. Featured on Dornob and available here.

Happy Vaisaki

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vaisakhi is traditional ancient  harvest festival celebrated by Sikhs around the globe to reflect on the year gone by and blessings for the new one beginning. What a perfect day to introduce you to Los Angeles desi artist Vani Sodhi Gundara who has created colourful and edgy traditional art.  I first saw Vani's work at BollyInstyle ages ago and I must say they still resonate with me. I love the contemporary edge to historic Sikh figures. They are perfect fit for today. Happy Vaisaki folks.
Gorgeous digital pictures of Indian spiritual figures Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh available here. 

He knew he would win...

Well there you have it folks. Hubby's pick it is. By a very small margin I might add.  Thanks to each of you who left a comment as I sincerely appreciate it (even those who weren't with me - honesty is important). It was fun and really if I didn't like the C&B pick I never would have allowed it as an option to begin with right? hahaha....go ahead R, pendant lights are all me.

Guest Post -Hello Splendor

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super ego boost as Beth from Hello Splendor asked me to partake on her 'tax refund' post. What would I spend my tax refund on this year? Yes I know, like I'm even going to get any tax refund this year...more like pay, pay and then pay some more for kicks. But it was fun to dream! Check out  Hello Splendor as it really is a fabulous blog.

He wants a redo..surprise, surprise.

Hubby want's another re-vote claiming that I was not fair in sharing the big picture of the kitchen. Truth be told I don't really like my kitchen. Not a huge fan of those fruitwood (builder name for orange) kitchen cabinets. Oh and those columns (yuck). But this is not my forever house (aka dream house) so I have to make the most of it and I have to learn to focus on the positive. Pheww...feel better with that little confession. Back to the point of this post. Here is our FULL kitchen/dining area. Once upon a time I loved my kitchen table but these days its a live with. Spent stupid money on that table so its around for a while. Hubby also wants me to mention that we plan to put the art featured in my living room in the kitchen (largely because I want new art in the living room but it really does fit better in here). So I think that is all the info you need to end this feud.
My full kitchen and dining area. I can't believe I'm actually posting this picture but fair is fair and I'm trying to be fair here.  Image via me.
Another angle just so I'm being totally fair. Image via me.

Hubby Pick. Another angle of the Crate & Barrel Cirque Three-Door Sideboard

My pick. Different view of the Bathurst Credenza from Stylegarage. 

If you HAD to pick....Sideboard dilemma...

Monday, April 11, 2011

So hubby and I are at a standstill over a kitchen sideboard decision. This has been going on for a year. He will not go for anything old or vintage and wants a new piece. I'll compromise because I really want  to get this kitchen somewhat completed so we have decided we'll let my readers decide on which way to go ( I can't believe he even agreed to this but he claims his choice is the far superior one and everyone in the universe will agree with him). So here we go. This is our space that needs a new sideboard. We have a glass kitchen table (not pictured) and dark leather parson chairs.
Please ignore the mess. We put this temporary table up last October for my kid's birthday for a buffet area and well, it never went back down. Now it holds all the kids crafts and random newspapers.
Hubby Option. He likes the copper and thinks it will go with our ugly fruitwood kitchen cabinets. Cirque Three Door Sideboard available at Crate & Barrel.
My pick. I love the grainy wood and legs and I think will look good for a long time. I don't really care if it matches or not. Bathurst Credenza from Style Garage.
So which one folks? They cost around the same (Style Garage has a promotion going on). Which one would you pick for the space? Please give your opinion so that this feud will finally be over!

Please vote for me so you can win too...

Just a little reminder for those checking in this morning that if you hop on over here today and vote for my little JessLC entry we could all be winners!

Because I need more jewellery...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Alright...not really. I don't need anything but now that I have a jewellery drawer in my new closet I can't help but want to fill it up with some new goodies (and perhaps give some away to my readers while I'm at it). I featured Jess LC first here (and actually ordered it...shhh.. I know I'm addicted to jewellery). So I'm entering this contest set up by Jess LC . I feel a little weird doing this on my decorating blog, but what the hell, its friday.  So if you like what you see vote for me here on Monday. If I win...I promise I share with you guys. I win, you win...easy peezy. Who doesn't want some new jewellery for spring? Weekend is almost here.

oh the contest was to pair some Jess LC jewellery with fun spring fashion. I of course, threw in some Bollywood glam and Jimmy Choos.

This time last week....

Last Friday I was 6000 feet high flying in a helicopter taking in all the gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon. The experience was thrilling and the landscape nothing short of breathtaking. This Friday, views of my laundry, stacks of bills and my smiling kiddies - can't ask for much more. I love how life works. Happy Friday folks.
Hoover Dam.
Lake Meade. 
Our champagne pit stop on the Canyon floor. Can I say the helicopter ride felt like you were floating?
Me admiring the view..taking it all in. 

If this saree was a room...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I need some yummy colour today and this is definitely doing it for me. Simply gorgeous.
 A lovely teal and green anyone? Anupama Dayal piece at the Lakme Fashion week and a Kendall Wilkinson Eco-chic living room.
Or a burst of rust, red and blue? Ritu Kumar suit and stunning bohemian bedroom by Katie Leade.