Sometimes mother nature gives you a reminder...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Something I spotted during my time off...a little reminder from mother nature no less on what life and family is all about. Happy Friday folks.
maybe I should blow this up and hang it on my wall. 

I've been a slacker I know...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I had big blogging plans for this week. Really I did. Glorious wedding images, updates on what is going on with my house (got some new additions) and of course a giveaway. Well, somewhere along the line my plans disintegrated and I just couldn't muster the energy. I'm detoxing from all the wedding madnes: physically, financially and mentally. Kids went wild over the holidays so I'm trying to find a bit of routine,  but alas, I have major childcare issues and couple that with the demands of work and I'm already out of steam. It is a amazing how a lack of consistent childcare stresses me out as much as it does. One minute I adore every second of my kids, the next they are driving me up the wall and oh don't forget the guilt that accompanies the low mommy moments. Fingers crossed my childcare gets sorted out fast, kids adjust to the summer camp that  I just decided to dump them into and that sometime this summer, I can actually carve out the good mommy moments for them.
K & D hanging out with their British cousin R.
Someone lost his shoe.
Batman every chance he gets.
Fun in the sun during the heat wave.  All images via me.

still recovering from all that bhangra dancing...

Friday, July 22, 2011

still on vacation folks but I just dropped in to say a great big thank you to all those fabulous ladies who guest posted for me while I've been away. Here is the list of those superstars and their posts in case you missed it. Thank you all so much! are some snippets from my last week or so....not to worry full wedding recaps and giveaways when I come back. Happy Friday folks.

Oh no we didn't...What's up Whimsy edition

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello everyone! We have Shannon from What's up Whimsy today sharing with us today!

Hi Designwali readers! I am pumped to be guest blogging today about such a fun topic...okay, it's not fun to point out ugly things in your home, but it's fun to know that everyone has them.

I actually have two "Oh no we didn'ts".

The first one is the first sofa that my husband and I purchased together three years ago.

We eagerly skipped over to West Elm and picked this sofa out for a few reasons:

1. It was under $1000
2. It was the right colour at the time (although I HATE it now!)
3. The material was stain proof (great for kids!)

But there is one hang up - it is the most uncomfortable sofa I have ever sat on!! You may have noticed the short back cushions.  Well, they are super stuffed, so you end up with no back support past your shoulder blades and you have this huge lump in your back!  Whenever we have people over, I always have to apologize because they look so uncomfortable sitting there and I'm constantly rearranging the cushions to try and make it less of a brutal sitting experience.

My husband and I look at each other all the time and say, "Oh no, we didn't!", but it will just have to do for now because sofas are expensive!!

The second "Oh no, we didn't" is our TV.

It is literally a monstrosity!! My mother-in-law bought it for us when we first got engaged and we were so excited because we had the biggest TV out of our friends (it was 5 years ago and yes, we got excited over that type of thing!).  The stand is atrociously ugly and the TV fits right into it, so we can't get another, more appealing-looking, stand.  It also takes over our living room, which is kind of on the small side, especially with all of my son's toys in it.  

However, it will just have to do until we can buy a sleek, flat screen TV.

Oh no, we didn't....again!

Thanks again to Sundeep for letting me be a part of this series.  I hope you got a chuckle and you aren't alone with any uglies you may have.

Oh no we didn't...Soundhorn please edition

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We have Divya from Sound Horn Please today!

Hello Designwali readers, I blog over at Sound Horn Please, featuring design talent from South Asia, a few DIYs and really anything beautiful that catches my eye.

Sundeep e-mailed me asking me to do a post on a design faux pas that I live with. I moved home a few months ago, and I'm still in the process of finding new places for well loved items and shopping for new ones to fill up the empty spaces. But our previous home had a design faus pax that we had to live with for over 6 months and one that my husband couldn't wait to get rid off when we moved.

So here goes the story....

A couple of months ago, after a long day of work on a Friday evening I felt the urge to do something apart from the usual Friday evening 'unwind with friends at a local bar' routine.  I've always harbored a secret desire to paint furniture, but could never quite muster up the courage to go ahead and wield my brush. So, I sketched designs that I thought would look 'Oh so perfect on that cupboard door', but always chickened out at the last minute.

So, getting back to my impulsive Friday evening. I looked at our cheap Ikea black bookcases and noted how one held all our books and the other held my husband's burgeoning DVD collection. And I decided to paint one of them in a movie theme as a surprise for him. The next 3 hrs went by in a whirl of impulse...

The husband came home late from work and struggled to keep a straight face.

Me: What do you think?
V: *Grunt*
Me: I didn't catch what you said? Love it don't you? <eager happy expression on face>
V: Uh-huh... Is this because I love.. uh.. chess?
Me: Chess? What's that got to do with anything? Did you stop by the bar for a few beers on your way home? Its a movie reel running between your DVDs! Duh!
V: Why don't you take a step back and look at it again?
 Me:  Nooooooo! <frozen horrified expression>

All I have is a hastily badly taken picture from 2 days before we moved, so pardon the bad quality. It was just a quick click to remind me of my crazy Friday evening. So, here is my 'Oh no I didn't... ' moment!

My 3 hrs of obsessing over painting perfectly spaced alternate squares resulted in a checkerboard design that didn't look like 3 hrs went into it at all! And it didn't even come remotely close to looking like a movie reel.

A close -up:

To make matters worse, I lost my appetite to paint the other bookcase and they sat on a wall facing the huge living room couch with every guest who sat on the couch wondering about our mismatched bookcases....

Well, design takeaway- DON'T paint furniture on an impulse. Plan, sketch, plan some more and relegate your impulse to a canvas!


Hope you are having a ball and I seriously wish I was in your shoes. Hope to read all about it soon!


Oh no we didn't....Sarah Wandering Edition!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Today we have Sarah from Sarah Wandering...enjoy!

Hello Designwali readers!
I am Sarah from sarah.wandering. and I'm pretty psyched to be guest-posting for Sundeep as I'm a big fan of her blog and her style.  Sundeep asked me to share with you some of the "Oh no we didn't.." design faux pas that I have in my apartment.  The old addage of the shoemakers kids... well, that definitely applies to me.  I often am so busy with other design projects that I forget about finishing my own and often times my frugality also plays a factor.  For the most part on my blog and in day to day dealings in my apartment I'm able to edit these things out - staging pictures and visits so these items go unseen... but here they are, full frontal.
My painted rug:  I was lucky enough to have this frugal DIY featured on Design*Sponge, originally painted in a soft cream and yellow.  When I repainted to a bolder cream and red, I misjudged the amount of paint I needed and ran out.  And then never got around to finishing it.  So here are the photos I shared with readers

And here is what the other side looks like 
Last year I also reupholstered my sofa with a taupe linen 
But never finished sewing the final hems.  Instead I keep these at the back of the sofa where no one sees them 
The last embarrasing blunder is the fixture hanging over my dining room table.  I was looking to do something funky and original (and cheap), so I purchased two mosquito domes (you know, to cover plates in the summer) from the dollar store and then very rudely hot-glued them together.  Not only does the hot glue show all over the fixture - I didn't take the time to find the centre - so the fixture looks lopsided.  I've had this hanging for months, just haven't had the time to fix it. 

 Thanks so much Sundeep for inviting me to guest post (and thoroughly embarrassing myself in the process).  Hope you enjoyed the wedding!

Oh no we didn't...Half of What I say is meaningless edition

Friday, July 15, 2011

We have Tina from, Half of what I say is meaningless sharing her "Oh no we didn't" moment today. Enjoy!

The Credenza Crisis:

When Sundeep asked me to participate in her “Oh No We Didn’t” series, I spent some time contemplating exactly which drama I might share. Given that we moved into a new build this past year, I seemed to have a vast wealth of material from which to draw. Building a house is a exponential progression from one catastrophe to an ever greater and more expensive version of the same. But much of the memory of those injuries have faded over the past year, and I’m left slightly less jaded about the building process. But now I have an entire new crop of trauma which I’m presently wading through, the decorating disasters.

I live in a locale that doesn’t offer much in the way of shopping, on neither the fashion nor interior fronts. The few interesting shops we do have are targeted and then pillaged by anyone with a semblance of style. If there is one defining trait of my decorating style it is that I long to own the original, objects that are completely unique. Thus, I’ve turned myself over to the perils of internet shopping. From this predilection, many disasters have emerged. There was the unfortunate purchase of the ugliest rug ever, which to add insult to injury did not even fit correctly in the designated space. A few weeks ago I spilled coffee on it, and only sopped it up half heartedly, hurrying along its eventual demise. Yesterday, I received drapes for my daughter’s bedroom. Upon unpackaging them, I think to myself, these look awfully brown, given that I had I previously ordered swatches and matched to her charcoal headboard. Apparently charcoal = brown and fog = grey in Restoration Hardware-ese.

To date, there has been one decorating disaster that has trumped all others in both scope and scale. It is the incident that I have dubbed the “Credenza Crisis”, which in is fact the exact subject line I used in the email I sent to my Interior Designers (Atmosphere ID in Saskatoon). I sent a missive, outlining my critical error and begged them to come and determine if the piece could indeed be salvaged. But first, let me share the background of this sordid tale. I searched far and wide for the credenza which would serve as the dramatic focal point of my front entrance. I was contending with a large empty wall and double height ceilings, so I needed a statement piece, at minimum five feet in length. I longed for something vintage, something glamourous, something located in Canada. Knee deep in my Milo Baughman obsession I tracked down the most stunning vintage 1970s Milo Baughman credenza with a chrome base and a matched veneer cabinet via 1st Dibs. Miracle of miracles, it was located in Toronto and soon it was whisking its way to Saskatoon.

My first indication that something was off, occurred as soon as the delivery truck arrived.  Unbeknownst to me, the piece which required at least two people to move, was taken off the truck by a sole person via a dolly. And then there was bashing, extensive bashing, not of the pallet which somehow disappeared during the shipment but of the once immaculate chrome base. It appeared that this scenario has occurred repeatedly in the five day journey across the country, and the chrome and the wood beneath, was now mangled. The cabinet portion of the credenza remained wrapped, and the piece stood upended for a month in my front entrance.

We contacted a metal worker who created the base of the vanity in my powder room, who ordered a replacement chrome piece, which to date has still not arrived. Eventually we were forced to unwrap the rest of the credenza, as we were expecting installation of a painting we had purchased which was slated to be hung above the credenza. As I peeled the layers of wrapping off the piece, I gasped, the wood was so red, perhaps even orange or pink, particularly on the top. In the photographs on the internet, all I saw were lovely brown wood tones. Oh, and one corner of the wood veneer was damaged. Nearly in tears, I almost wrote the piece off as a very expensive error in judgement. My husband and I debated about moving it to the basement or attempting to sell it on Craigslist or Kijiji. Every time I looked at it I felt slightly nauseous, but little by little, it began to grow on me. I noticed the colour less and the stunning design more. And then the painting was installed. Suddenly the credenza worked, the glaring orange tones seemed to recede, or perhaps it was now that the credenza was no longer the focal point. The painting is an acrylic work by Saskatoon artist William Perehudoff, one of Canada’s preeminent Colour Field painters.
The credenza itself remains a sorry state. The piece still requires extensive repair, both by the metal worker and now a furniture restorer for the wood veneer. In the photographs below you can see evidence of the damage inflicted upon the chrome and the unfortunate colouration of the top. I’m awaiting delivery of a chair to sit next to it, and of course the surface will eventually be styled. But for now I kind of love it, despite the obvious flaws.

 All images via Tina.

Oh no we didn't...Hare Styling edition

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh no we didn't from Melissa at Hare Styling today! 

Thank you so much to Sundeep for inviting me to participate in her "Oh no we didn't...." series. I definitely have a few of these around my house! The one decorating faux pas that gets me every day (yes, this bothers me every day and I still haven't found a solution!), is my t.v. cords! They are completely exposed and VERY visible. My major problem is not having a proper t.v. stand. If you can believe it, this is my third t.v. stand in three years. I just can't seem to find one that works for both form and function. The endless search continues.....any advice?

Thanks again Sundeep!

Oh no we didn't....Pudel Design edition

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All the way from Germany, we have Lydia from Pudel Design joining us today!

Hello Lovelies, the talented Miss Sundeep asked ME if I would guest post on her blog and be one of many others who take part in her "Oh no we didn't...." series. And HELL Yes, I do want;) I thought a lot about what I should show you here and after a while I knew it would be my office/atelier/blogging headquarter;))
It is the last space in our house that isn`t officially ready, because we have so much to do outside, 
in the garden and on our patio...Okay are you ready for this?! be prepared, it get`s ugly;)
You see that?
Nope, that isn`t a real table, this is a leftover countertop, 
simply mounted on the wall.
I have two printers and the one needed an extra place, 
so my hubby thought, let`s get a plank and mout them on the "table leg";)
Looks really ugly but it works.
You see all the cables and wires?!
This room has never seen something calls "DESIGN"
You know jus a few things in this room look great;)
The chair, looove them, his name is Gregor and it`s from IKEA.

The DIY Memo board, also made from an IKEA frame 
and the screensaver;)
Ant this is what I thought my room would looks like when it`s done;)
Some nice white`s and neutral`s a little bit of grey,
some good storage opportunities, a cool rug, a nice lamp and pretty textiles.
This would be my dream office space;)
Maybe one day, when everything else is done around here I get this room;)

Oh no we didn't....Wallpaper Edition

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lucky readers we have Liz from Wallpaper joining us today!

Hi everyone I'm Liz from Wallpaper  blog! I am so glad to be guest blogging here today and sharing with all of you lovely readers one of my design faux pas. There aren't many spaces and places left in my home that haven't been finished, design wise, after all I've had three years to work on renovating and decorating my house. However with that said there is this one teeny tiny thing that I have been meaning to get around to...

Maybe it's better if you have a look:

Looks great from the outside right?

 but have a peek inside...

I got this great sideboard second hand and refinished it myself. But as you can see I got lazy and eager to fill it up with stuff that I didn't ever get to finishing the inside of it. I want to either paint the inside in a bright pop of colour or wallpaper it, but either way it has to get done! Well that's it, you know my secret. The only good thing is I store lots of liquor in my sideboard so hopefully my guests are too influenced by the spirits to notice what I never finished  ;)

Liz @ Wallpaper

Oh no we didn't...

Monday, July 11, 2011

New week so fun new series. I figure we all see the glamour shots of decorating, why not look at some of the real and ignored areas of our homes? You know, the things you have no idea why you ever bought, or areas you need to sort out and get around too, DIY disasters and those ridiculous impulse buys that you regret later. I think we all fall victim to a design faux pas now and again so lets start to share. Sometimes they are temporary and sometimes you get stuck with them for a long time. Now I have had to live with one design faux pas for the past 10 years.  Our sofabed. Yep, I don't even remember why we bought a sofa bed, but we did and purely based our decision on function not form.  The fabric, the shape and the colour drives me bonkers so as a result it sits in our unfinished hodge podge of an office.  Definitely a design 'what was I thinking?' moment, its ugly and does nothing for the room and I doubt even recovering it will make it better. In fact, one night in a moment of despair I emailed Michael Penney for help (that's how sad and desperate I got, and no, no answer yet, poor guy must be just too stumped to decorate around it). Even though it looks 'meh', one thing for sure is you can definitely take a wicked nap on this baby.
All those cushions....yuck. 
Dear Readers.....I will be taking a short hiatus for the next little while as I'm in full on family wedding mode. Plus I really feel like I need to disconnect and just enjoy the moment. But don't despair, I have some terrific bloggers lined up to guest post for me this week. You have no idea how thrilled I am that these terrific ladies actually said yes and will share some of their "Oh no we didn't"gems with all of you. Enjoy!

Here we go...

Friday, July 8, 2011

I was waiting all week for Friday to get here. I start my vacation today..which basically means errand running all day long. My sister's wedding festivities begin this weekend with guests starting to arrive from abroad. Of course I have 5 million things to do, you know sort out wardrobe, accesorries, slide shows, speeches and play hostess extraordinaire. It will be mad and crazy...but just the way I like it.  Let the fun begin. Happy Friday folks.
Loving this colourful dining room I spotted on one of my favourite daily visits Decora tu Alma.  Feels so festive and colourful. Perfect prelude to my weekend.

If you Had to pick....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where would you relax and soak in a tub full of bubbles? If you Had to pick just one? I can't remember the last time I even took a bubble bath.
Rubber ducky yellow bathroom? Image via Plastolux.
Sugar Bowl Residence modern bathroom

A Happy Occasion...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So my weekend was not just one wedding but two! My cousin H had her lavish wedding festivities going on in full force. Yep, you can't have a long weekend without an Indian wedding. You should have seen the state of my room and the kid's rooms! So many wardrobe changes resulted in clothes sprawled out everywhere!  All worth it though as everyone busted out the sparkle and the wedding was colourful, fun and above all joyous for the newlyweds!
No Indian wedding can get started without the mendhi party!
K& D joined in on the mendhi action too!  D opted for a happy face and a spider...
What is a Punjabi wedding without the dhol playing?
The necessary bridal bling. My cousin looked stunning.
My sisters and I didn't look to shabby either in our summer sarees! Me on the far right in my 'bibi coloured beige' saree.
High energy bhangra dancing to get the party started.
Of course my little ones were firing up the dance floor too. All in all a great celebration. All images via me.

A big fat greek wedding...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow what a weekend! Full on celebrating with family & friends! Thankfully, R & I had Monday to recover a little, but more importantly we were busy trying to get some nagging errands done before the guests arrive for my sister's wedding. My best friend B's wedding on Saturday was absolutely wonderful. Good food, great company and full on Greek dancing all night long!  B you looked sensational and everything went perfectly! Congratulations to both of you and enjoy your  European honeymoon!
Gorgeous bouquet for the stunning bride!
Happy couple at the alter.
Setting the mood for some delicious food!
This cake tasted even better than it looked! Great job B!
Oh and my attire for the day. Fantastic Ted Baker shoes, a bright BCBG dress, crazy curls and of course perfect earrings made by Cristina from Bohomia on Etsy!