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Friday, December 30, 2011

To my wonderful parents who show me each day what it takes to build a loving and lasting marriage. How committment, respect, friendship and love can carry you for over 35 + years. Love you mom & dad and ...

My desi home: From jingle jingle to jiggle jiggle

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time off rocks doesn't it? I have been enjoying it a little too much so I decided to get serious today. Start my resolutions early...especially the 'excercise more' one. I have no excuse really, I have some equipment collecting dust in my basement so it should be easy to just run downstairs and get fit right? It took me 3 days to get into the idea of exercising again and another 45 minutes this morning to motivate myself to put on my gear. Baby steps. Success in the end, but boy was it slow. I'm kicking myself for stopping 3 months ago...starting again blows. Now for the hard part, how do I get myself to do it again tomorrow?
My little gym. Look how smug my exercise equipment is standing there. Seriously, its like they are calling me names.
I have thought of adding mirrors into my gym - you know to motivate/ scare me more, but the space soon got filled with the kids kitchen/ slide area. Yes, I staged the kid's kitchen. See how strategically the kitchen gloves are placed? All images via me.

What is Christmas without spiderman and tight pants?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello people. I stopped in to say hello and hope that all of you are enjoying your holidays. So far so good in our household. Happy hyper children - check. House in chaos - check. Tight pants and feeling like a pig- check and check again. Sounds like some good holiday fun to me and it's only Tuesday. Hope all of you are scoring some shopping deals, eating yummy treats and of course catching up with family and friends. Okay back to spiderman and my peppermint bark chocolate.

If this saree was a Christmas Tree...Happy Holidays

Friday, December 23, 2011

TGIF. Friday could not come soon enough for me. I had a killer week at work, last minute running around and a new little family member.  I'm looking forward to spending a lovely weekend with my family and opening prezzies with my kids on Christmas morning. As a present to myself, I promise myself to put on some sequins and slap on some red lips for Christmas day. Pinky promise. For now let's look at some glamourous Indian fashion and see how easily they fit into these holiday rooms. Happy Friday folks and...more importantly, hope you all have a wonderful, restful and love filled next few days.
 You really can't go wrong with  little turquoise and white can you? Looks fabulous on this embroided saree and very sophisticated in this holiday living room spotted on pinterest.
Colour can instantly kick it up a notch can't it? Bust some out during the holiday people. Whether you wear this multicoloured lengha or throw the technicolour on your Christmas tree as featured on Bright Bazaar.
A lovely winter white is equally glamorous on this bridal lengha featured on Aaina Bridal as it also is in this holiday white decor seen in Country Living.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Nursery moodboard...I need help

Thursday, December 22, 2011

So I quickly pulled together a little moodboard for my new niece. There are some 'gotta live with it because we are not paying for new stuff now' kind of things I need to work around, but hey its a start. Anyway, wall colour is BM Raindance (a light greeny, bluey grey colour). The crib and grey glider stay. Same goes with the double bed which needs to accomodate much needed new mommy sleep. So I have already got the Cozamia Night Peonies print (can I say its GORGEOUS) and ordered Jen Ramo's LOVE prints (ahem, one for myself too). But it feels like something is missing? I can't quite place it. Come on you design savvy readers....what do I need to do to give it that extra 'something something'? A 5lb cutie is waiting for it.

So what if she is only 3 days old? She needs glamorous new digs...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I love decorating little girls room. Don't get me wrong, my son has a cute room (well, poor kid still has to live with a baby mural..but that's another story). But there is something about a little girls room that is SO much fun to decorate. What better inspiration than my new niece? I mean this little one is going to have to take big bro's old room...which is a whole lot of light blue green going on right now (which my sister refuses to paint over...sounds familiar). I know what you must be thinking, isn't the room already ready? Nope...Indian grandmothers (well ours anyway) usually kibosh the whole pre-baby decorating on the count of superstition and all that fun stuff. So we tend to decorate post baby's arrival...and of course we just use that as an excuse to procrastinate. So now that little baby D has made her debut...let the decorating begin. Let's start with some inspiration and the improvising can come later.
Seriously...the little gal should come home to this. perfect for the holidays. Gorgeous room featured on The Art of Doing Stuff.
A modern woodland wonderland! I likey. Image via here.
Umm...I want this room  like nusery seen here.
This is my favourite. Love it all. Nursery featured on Style at Home.
This is the inspiration sister already has a similar chair and wall colour  and I love those curtains, light fixture and that pillow. Gorgeous nursery featured on Just Bella! Stay tuned for my little inspiration board.

Best Present Ever...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law who are proud parents to a new baby girl! So I'm an aunt again...hooray!  Now if that's not an awesome Christmas present....I don't know what is.
Perfect.  Little girls are just too much fun. Whimsical tree prints by the by the Dreamy Giraffe available here.

My tree is sparkly and makes me happy

Monday, December 19, 2011

And just like that its Monday. I hope all of you had a pleasant weekend. Mine was full of last minute errands, shopping and gift wrapping and best of all, hanging out with good friends. Here are some tid bits...Okay..deep breath and let's get some work done.
 My new paisley Ikea ornament. I love it.
My sparkly tree and D.
Delicious holiday party treats! Good job C & C!
Kids had fun decorating their gingerbread people. I think D spent more time eating the candy or decorating with it! All images via me.

I always know what to gift at Mochatini today!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Manvi from Mochatini (serious long time blog crush here people) asked me to do a guest post for her today on one of my favourite topics...what I want to gift myself! Not a problem...ever. Naturally I squealed with delight when asked to participate and you can check out my wish list here. R, seriously...go check it out. Thanks Manvi!

Happy Friday folks.

I'm going to fa la la la la la la la la all weekend long...

How many days until Christmas? I can't keep up really. Not too sure if I'll wrap up all of my work before the holidays or if I even will finish my shopping on time. I think I still have Chritmas cards to finish writing and of course a mountain of giftwrapping. Me worried? Nah. I'm sure I'll get to some of it this weekend. Main priority however, hanging out with good friends and family and practicing being merry. Yep, throw in some fa la las and I say its plans for a good weekend. Happy friday folks!
Pretty London Eye holiday lights taken by my cousin R this week. Miss you R. 

I don't know what to get my husband for christmas and now I'm getting pimples on my forehead.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Even with all the gift guides out in blog land I still can't seem to figure out what to get R. The man never 'wants' anything (I know..what the ???). It doesn't help that he is little anti-Christmas and well, frankly our family Ebenezer. Ya, bah Santa...the whole nine yards. But ever since our kids came along he obligingly stays 'mum' on his opinions and neither supports or reputes Santa's existence (a very smart daddy). So therein lies my dilemma. What do you get someone who you have known forever, and is kinda awesome but is a Christmas skeptic. I suppose it doesn't help that when I actually start looking for him I get seriously sidetracked and convince myself that he really would like a new chair, or a new piece of art or that killer Hermes bracelet  belt (ahem, belt, yes belt for him of course).
A very high probability of this happening. The underwear and the art from this talent on Etsy would make a practical and creative gift I say. Meaghan's cool prints found here.

My kids don't need toys for Christmas they need animal poufs!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alright, I know who am I kidding? At every toy commercial my son reminds us how he wants and needs that toy. But there is no harm in imagining that my kids would wake up on Christmas morning and say, "mom, thank you so much for the awesome decorative home accesories!" I'm even cracking myself up while I'm typing this. Anyway, look for yourself, wouldn't these pillows and poufs look great in any kids room?

I love this elephant Sukie Animal pouf. It would make me my kids happy in their room. Available at Harabu House.
oooh tiger poufs. I'm sure my kids would throw these around at each other. Also available at Harabu House.

Imagine the pillow fights with these lovely pillows! These and tonnes of other goodies are all available at Harabu House.  Okay back to toy shopping now.

If you HAD to pick...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is it strange that its only Tuesday and I already feel tired? Oh well. So today's little challenge, which room would you pick to start Christmas decorating? If you absolutely HAD to pick? What holiday decorating scheme would you love to try it out?
A moody blue & acidic green? Can you imagine your holiday party in here? Hmm I'm thinking a gold tree. Image via Living Etc.
Or a blue chinoiserie take on Christmas?  Anybody going nuts over that sofa & that rug? I'm thinking pink holiday party here! Image via Living Etc.

Giveaway Winners!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Time to announce the winners from last week's holiday giveaways!  First, a huge thank you to, Pam Lostracco, Rob Tavares at Robert Rat Prints, Shannon from Moonlight for Violet, Robin Pocisk  and Ele from Minouette for their generous contributions! Another thanks for all the folks who left great comments as all the artists and I really appreciated them. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday giveaway week as much as I enjoyed presenting Toronto talent. Okay, with the help of random number generator, drumroll please....

1. Jonathan Adler winner #1 (boy/girl pottery): 

2. Jonathan Adler winner #2 (king/queen pottery):

3. Pam Lostracco 2012 Calendar winner:

4. Rob Tavares silkscreen winner:

5. Moonlight for Violet earrings winner:

6. Robin Pocisk original Watercolour winner:

7. Minouette block print winner:
Happy holidays everyone and have a great week!

Designwali Giveaway #5....Original Block Print by Minouette!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fridays are always good, but they are even better when you can win an original block print on Japanese Kozo paper. Sounds awesome already right? Toronto printmaker Ele from Minouette is offering one of you lucky readers a chance to win her "Fly Agaric Linocut" original lino block print. Etsy browsing led me to this fabulous local artist whose work is a lovely combination of science and art. Ele is inspired by fauna, myths, legends, nature, science and the unknown. What blows my mind is this artist is a marine geophysicist by day and printmaker by night. Go google that. Art is vital for Ele. She loves exercising both sides of her brain by using what she sees at work (yes all that wicked marine life, can you imagine?) and depicting it as her subject matter. On top of all of this, Ele is the captain of the Toronto Etsy team. She truly is one Renaissance woman. Time to win this right? Here's how:

1. Follow me on Google connect and leave me a comment below telling me what is your favourite Minoette piece by checking out Ele's shop, facebook page or blog. If you can't "google connect me" just make sure to leave me your email in your comment below so I can reach you if you win.
2. For a bonus entry just feature this givewaway on your blog, facebook page or give Ele a shout out on twitter and let me know below.

There is such a story around this little mushroom. Who knew? All I know is that my kids would adore it (like me). Find this original limited edition print here and read the story about this little species.

I will announce the winner on Monday December 12, 2011. This giveaway is open internationally so time to go learn something new and visit Ele's shop and get a treat for the eyes & the mind! Be sure to say hello to her on her blogtwitter & facebook. Plus you'll find loads of Toronto talent on her Toronto Etsy team! Time to look at some pretty.

These linocut prints are gorgeous! Visit Minouette now.

Winners for all my giveways this week & last will be announced on Monday. So if you haven't entered go here, here, here, here and here. 

Happy Friday folks.

Designwali Holiday Giveaway #4....Robin Pocisk Original Watercolour!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm a sucker for good watercolours. So today is no exception. Greater Toronto talent Robin Pocisk has graciously gifted her fine art original "Purple Sky: Number Two". Can I say beautiful? Everyone needs some glorious fine art somewhere in their home. Robin studied fine arts at George Brown and the New School of Art in Toronto. She has spent several years working in the graphics industry but also works as a freelance artist. Robin is curious about the nature of paint and loves to use various painting techniques and sometimes all in one piece! Nature and travel are a constant muse for Robin. You can tell how she pulls it all together so beautifully on her various etsy shops here & here. Time to win one right? Here's how:

1. Follow me on Google Connect and leave me a comment below telling me which is your favourite Robin Pocisk piece by visiting her shops here & here & here. Update: If you don't know how to do Google connect - just leave me a comment below (with your email so I can contatct you).
2. For a Bonus Entry re-post this giveaway on your blog, facebook or twitter and give Robin's work a shout out and let me know.

Beautiful right? Purple Sky: Number Two 5X7 with Winsor & Newton Artist's Watercolor Paint on Arches 140 lb. Cold Pressed Natural White Paper. See some more watercolours here.

I will pick a winner (using Random generator) on Monday December 12, 2011. This giveaway is only to US & Canadian residents. So visit Robin's etsy shop and drop her a note to say hello on twitter. Okay time to drool over more of Robin's lovely work.

Lovely right? You can find these spectacular pieces here, here and here.

You still got time to enter my earlier giveaways HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Good luck.

Designwali Holiday Giveaway #3...Moonlight for Violet Earrings!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's day 3 of Designwali giveaways (told you it would be all week fun is this?). So time to win some insanely fabulous jewellery right? Absolutely. Today's giveaway is courtesy of super stylish Toronto jewellery designer Shannon from Moonlight for Violet. One of you lucky ducks will walk away wearing her edgy mint brass earrings! I'm not kidding people, Shannon's vintage inspired brass and polymer work is amazing (be forewarned, you may just purchase a few pieces while purusing her website and etsy shop. ..ahem, it happned to me!).  I love her play on geometry, colour & texture. Something about her pieces scream a rockstar. Shannon told me her little part-time gig (I can't believe she doesn't do this full time) is an homage to her Nan. Both her and her gran used to chill out together, play games and were constantly inspired by nature, the city and people. Shannon's designs are modern with a nod to the '50s and '60s. I swear are going to love these little treasures! So what do you got to do to win? Easy Peezy.

1. Follow me on Google Connect and leave me a comment below telling me which is your favourite Moonlight for Violet piece by visiting Shannon's Etsy Shop or website. Update: If you don't know how to do Google connect - just leave me a comment below (with your email so I can contatct you).
2. For a Bonus Entry re-post this giveaway on your blog/facebook or twitter away to your hearts content and give Shannon's work a shout out and let me know.
These are what you will win! How awesome will they look on your ear? Compliments guaranteed. See more styles & colours here.

I will pick a winner (using Random generator) on Monday December 12, 2011. This giveaway is open to everyone...yep, Shannon will ship her gems internationally. So go check out her website, follow her on twitter & say hello to her on facebook. Shannon has a killer promo going on so go visit her shop. Okay time to look at more of her goodies!
Top left is mine, just sayin. You can find these fab little finds here, here, here & here. So enter now people.

If you haven't already entered my earlier giveaways what are you waiting for? Just leave a comment Here & here & here. 

Designwali Holiday Giveaway #2...Robert Rat Prints Silkscreen!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today's Toronto talent is Rob Tavares of Robert Rat Prints who is an amazing graphic designer with a passion and flare for screenprinting (silkscreen). Rob is an artist who is inspired by modern art, pop culture and a whole lot of colour. Rob carefully hand prints all of his prints and his only prerequistie is cool tunes playing on his ipod...a must have fuel for his creative process. You can check out Rob's work on Etsy  and I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised how bright, cheerful and fun his work really is. So today one lucky Designwali reader will win his limited edition Turntables Art Print! So what do you got to do to win it? Easy Peezy.

1. Follow me on Google Connect and leave me a comment below telling me which is your favourite Rob Tavares piece by visiting Robert Rat Prints. Update: If you don't know how to do Google connect - just leave me a comment below (with your email so I can contatct you).
2. For a Bonus Entry re-post this giveaway on your blog/facebook or twitter and give Rob's work a shout out!

How cool is this limited edition Turntables Art Print?  It makes me want to groove to some music. Come on now, can I say it will look fantastic on your desk, bookshelf or you cool dude's room? Enter now.

I will pick a winner (using Random generator) on Monday December 12, 2011. This giveaway is open to everyone...yep, Rob will ship his print internationally. Time to look at more of Rob's fun work.

Isn't all this colour amazing. Don't know which one I love more. Available here, here, here and here.

Good luck folks.

Oh, if you haven't had a chance you can enter my earlier giveaways you can still enter now here & here. Good luck.

Designwali Holiday Giveaway #1....Pam Lostracco Calendar!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Let's kick start this week with a holiday giveaway shall we? As a big thank you to my readers I would like to spread the holiday cheer by having one of you win something fabulous! deserve it. And today's giveaway from Toronto artist and graphic designer Pam Lastracco is simply sublime.  I am proud to say that Pam is a local talent (graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design) who has a wonderful portfolio of paintings, mylar drawings, calendars, notebooks and stationary. All her work is vibrant in colour and full of texture. She is an artist who uses nature as her muse. Whether its perwinkle blue morning glories or barracuda shaped clouds in a pink sunset Pam finds her colour palette and begins to create. She is also a travel junkie who keeps her sketchbook handy and is addicted to all sorts of patterns. Nature and travel aside, Pam also gathers her inspirations from children's book illustrators such as Taro Gomi, Ralph Steadman or J. Otto Seibold. We are lucky to have a talent like Pam in Toronto and she was gracious to offer her 2012 Mountain Calendar (Red Sunset) to one Designwali Reader. So what do you got to do to win it? Easy Peezy.

1. Follow me on Google Connect and leave me a comment below telling me which is your favourite Pam Lostracco piece by visiting Pam's Etsy Shop or website. Update: If you don't know how to do Google connect - just leave me a comment below (with your email so I can contatct you).
2. For a Bonus Entry re-post this giveaway on your blog/facebook or twitter and give Pam's work a shout out!

Come want this right? How gorgeous is the Red Sunset Mountain calendar? Your office wants it. Trust me.  Enter now.

I will pick a winner (using Random generator) on Monday December 12, 2011. This giveaway is open to everyone...yep, Pam is that cool that she will ship her calendar internationally. What a way to bring in 2012. Now enough babbling from me......time to look at more of Pam's fantastic work.

Love it all. Available here, here and here. 

Good luck folks.