Hooray for 2.

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's been 2 years that I've been blogging away at Designwali. What better way to start a new year than by saying thanks to all my fabulous readers. This blog has been a creative ride for me and the best part of it all is feeling connected with many of you, sharing in ideas, stories and experiences. I know the blogging world makes my world a little more colourful and for that I am thankful. So what will the next year be for Designwali? Not entirely sure, I know I feel like its time to shake things up a bit and step it up a notch - whatever that means. I'm sure I'll figure it out. My gut says whatever path I take it will be good and I know it will only be better if I have all of you join me. Happy 2 to me..happy 2 to me....
A few words for me to live by this year. Seen here & available here.
I couldn't agree more. A few more daily mantras to remember. Availalbe here and spotted here.


Gaby [The Vault Files] said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats! And cheers for many more years of blogging! ;)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

sista you look amazing! - So so proud of you and happy big 2 to you and your wonderful work your doing in the blogging world! x R x

amy walters said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats on turning "2"! Can't wait to see what is in store for you and your blog in 2012. Love the quotes you listed. Aaah, so true ;) Cheers!

Wendy said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats & Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to whatever is yet to come -

April said... [Reply to comment]

Happy anniversary, Sundeep! What an awesome milestone :)

April said... [Reply to comment]

And PS ~ what a gorgeous picture!! Dude, you're stunning

InteriorGroupie said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats and happy anniversary! Can't wiat to see what bigger and better means...

LifeBegins@Thirty said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Anniversary!! 2 Years is a biggie!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said... [Reply to comment]

Hey there pretty lady! You're 2, no longer a baby blog, onto bigger and better things. Congratulations!

NK: Style-ING w/ Children said... [Reply to comment]

oh, can't wait :)

Sarah Roads said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Anniversary and a Happy New Year! 2 years, thats big. Congratulations!

GB said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 2nd anniversary! And that's a real cute pic of you!

Vanessa@decor happy said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 2nd year of blogging! Shine on!

Amithigirl said... [Reply to comment]

Happy New Year! And Happy Anniversary:)

Shanthi said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats!!! Looking forward to many more " If this saree is a room" pics. Enjoyed all your posts S! and all the best to whatever you want to do.

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Anniversary Pretty Lady!
We are with you for the long haul!!!

Shruti said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Anniversary - great way to start the year! Thank you for all the inspiration so far!

travelkate said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats on your 2 year blog-iversary! And thanks for all of the inspiration you provide through your blog :) Here's to 2012!

Marcus Design said... [Reply to comment]

Happy 2 years!!! That is an awesome accomplishment! And PS. you are gorgeous!
Nancy xo

Tara said... [Reply to comment]

Congratulations my friend. It has been an absolute pleasure to follow you and I look forward to keeping up as you shake things up!

Reshma at masalamangomantra.blogspot.com said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! Happy happy 2 years! Cheers and so happy to follow your blog!

Miss Frangipani said... [Reply to comment]

Happy New Year! You are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your photo - it is a very personal thing to share and I always admire people who take the leap and go from private to public. Looking forward to 2012 on DW!

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said... [Reply to comment]

Happy anniversary, and congrats on putting up such a wonderful blog! Love your picture...you are gorgeous!

christine, just bella said... [Reply to comment]

Happy new year and happy 2 year!! Congrats, can't wait to read another fab year at designwali :)

indiapiedaterre.com said... [Reply to comment]

Happy blogging anniversary! Looking forward to more!

Jessie said... [Reply to comment]

Happy New Year and happy two year blogging anniversary! Looking forward to read your future posts!


jessica {creative index} said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats on 2 years! Such a milestone! Looking forward to keeping up with you and hope you have a wonderful 2012!

Sound Horn Please said... [Reply to comment]

Nice to finally see you! Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more years of Designwali :)

cabbagerose said... [Reply to comment]

congrats! thanks for being here...and to many more years. xx

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