Knock, knock..who's there? Canadian Design bloggers and a whole lotta them..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday night is where Canadian design bloggers congregated at Brassaii on King Street West in Toronto for a meet & greet. Bunch of gals (and a few guys sprinkled in the mix for good measure) got together with chic industry folks like Cameron MacNeil and Lisa Murphy from House & Home, blogger superstar Cassandra LaValle from Coco & Kelly and then of course, Canadian design gurus like Brian Gluckstein.  So what was all of this about? Why did I go? Connection I think. Like with the like. I wanted a chance to meet the folks behind the blogs I read daily. You know wonder what makes them tick, are they like me and drool over brass lamps and paint colours?  It worked. I met some great people who are so much more colourful and talented in other areas of their lives than I ever imagined. So if any of you around the world have a chance to connect with your local blogging pals but are hesitant...I say go for it. It is good conversation and chances are you'll spot some fabulous shoes & clutches too. Bonus.

Check out some photos from Alessia Lamonaca on her Flickr page (I was a bit lazy with my camera).
Mr. MacNeil himself. Photo courtesy of Alessia Lamonaca
BG himself. Photo via Alessia Lamonaca

Alright I felt a little guilty for the lack of here is another perk for attending these events. Very cool swag from fantastic sponsors like Ikea, Aya Kitchens and Bath, House and Home Magazine, Delta, Gluckstein Home, Cottonelle & CIL. Image via me.


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