Top 10 updates for my house that I may or may not get to in 2012....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I figure if I write it down (well take some pictures anyway) I actually might get some of these things done this I will humour myself and see what happens. Here are a few things that need work around here (some of which my husband knows about or is just reading about for the first time now). Sure I have 56 million other resolutions, budgetary restraints and big holiday plans for 2012...but I believe if you write it will come. Universe let's make it happen.

1. That carpet's got to go yo.
Picked up this damask piece 7 years ago as a temp fix. It is too small and I want something calmer. Something like this (but way cheaper). Anybody got some suggestions?  

2. I need to replace these builder lights in my kitchen.
So boring and blah. Why are builders allowed to do this? I want these and I think I posted about it 2 years ago. I have not forgotten that means I still love them.

3. Goodbye boobie light.
Okay the popcorn ceiling has got to go to but that is not happening while we live here. So in the meantime I need to change it up, but to what I wonder? hmmm. Help.

4. Oh bedroom, how I have neglected you.
I'm embarassed to show you this but it has to be done. It's like ripping off a band aid. Where do I begin? We desperately need lamps, some art, new bedding and a chair or something. Currently husband is threatening to run to Walmart to buy some ghetto lamps because he can't take the lack of light anymore (sure its been 7 years but who is counting now?). This has become an emergency design situation.

5. Another sad grey room. Can I say prime makeover canidate?
This room would commit suicide if it could. I need to help it badly. The layout is terrible and somehow I need to make this a functioning office and a spare bedroom for all our random relatives who stop by.

6. D's bookshelf has to happen.
R & I are still debating over tall vs short bookcase (I want tall by the way).

7. My MFAMB orginal needs a wall .... like NOW.
Words can't describe how much I love this custom piece by Jenny from MFAMB. I told her to think bollywood and sent her some Indian bhangra music to get into the groove with. This baby needs a frame I think. I looks sexy just sitting on the floor. Hmm, I was thinking of using it as my jumping off point for my bedroom revamp? 

8. Foyer mirror needs an update.
Mirror needs to change to somthing like this and while we are at it let's change the plant too because it attacks me when I walk by and apparently spikey plants are a no no for good feng shui.

9. DIY these lamps that I have had for over 3 years in my basement.
I have never ever DIY'ed anything...but I gotta try right? Some polish, a little wiring and lovely black shades? Too ambitious maybe? These babies are over 20 years old I think.

10. Do something something to this blank canvas that I also have had in my basement for 3 years.
Surely the kids and I can do something creative with this canvas right?  All images via me.

Wow when you post it up like this there seems a lot for me to do. Gulp. I guess I will just keep my fingers crosssed and hope for a productive 2012. So share your tips, advice, design greatness and sure I'll even take the teasing...bring it people.


Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

Love the lamps - I am sure you will do something amazing with them! How fun to have so many projects. :)

April said... [Reply to comment]

Ahhh, I LOVE a good, long to-do list!! I think your painting would be amazing as a jumping-off point for your master bedroom, and while I'm not totally sure about whether this would work (can't tell the scale from the photos) would those incredible lamps work in your bedroom as well? They'll be so glamorous when you DIY them. Maybe we should have a blogger-DIY party? I have a lamp I need to rework and rewire too ... we should all get together and electrocute ourselves over tea! That'd be fun ...

Carol@TheDesignPages said... [Reply to comment]

It does seem like a lot but having a list allows you to cross things off which is super rewarding. Otherwise, you're like me and things are just floating in your head all day and night. Good luck on the list. The lamps are stunning!

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

OMG soooo much to do!!

Amelia @ House Pretty said... [Reply to comment]

It's a long list, but at least it's a jumping off point! Looking forward to following along with your progress ;)

Whats Ur Home Story said... [Reply to comment]

That is a long list. Looking forward to see the outcome. The Master bedroom is so....on my to do list too. Having the same "Where to begin?" issue here.

Alexa said... [Reply to comment]

I have so much to update too! Haha. Boobie light...that is hilarious. said... [Reply to comment]

First off, we can totally commiserate on the popcorn ceilings and boobie lights--they are all over my house and I haven't had a chance to do anything with them yet! I do think the existing rug is really cute, and the one you have chosen is a knock-out. I am loving this rug at West Elm:
Finally, so happy for you and your Jenny original! She turns out some great art, and I say totally yes, yes, yes to the bedroom! Great choice! Keep all of us posted on your transformations!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

lol your funny, that's a long to do list, but you have some "quick fixes" there that you can quite easily check off in a weekend... and the teasing hmm well... I don't like to say but D's bookshelf post was one of the first blogs I saw of yours, that's a easy one done. Enjoy checking things off - London N

The Global Nomadess said... [Reply to comment]

For the rug, UrbanOutfitters has something similar:

Amithigirl said... [Reply to comment]

I love that you have so many projects lined up, what fun! Can't wait to see how it all evolves:)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

(sorry, couldn't find where to comment on
your New Years wishes.....)

I could SO see that black framed mirror
on the floor silver leafed!
(or gold leafed, but you seem like more of
a silver gal).

Gaby [The Vault Files] said... [Reply to comment]

ok looks like you have a ton of work ahead of you hahaha!
I love West Elm rugs, have you checked them out? Also, a great source of rugs is an online shop called I think, not 100% sure.
We also have "popcorn" cielings at our condo in Toronto, not the most classy huh?
Why don't you paint the mirror in white?
Good luck! ;)

Shruti said... [Reply to comment]

i love that MFAMB piece!! Also second the West Elm suggestion. This one may work

Grrr said... [Reply to comment]

but I love the rug =(

Designwali said... [Reply to comment]

you guys have great suggestions!

Sapna said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE your lamps!! (remind me of lamps we had at home when we were little!) They'd look sumptuous in your bedroom!! You can always have the lamps wired/rewired by a local electrician. I know the feeling of being in a space forever and leaving it be... this past year I added a bunch of accessories and color. Lots more to do and so love your blog to always find inspiration!! ;) Happy Decorating!

The Cute Corner House said... [Reply to comment]

Wow...considering just the rooms themselves, you have loads of work..

Those lamps are so pretty. You should DIY them much fun its gonna be...

Jessie said... [Reply to comment]

I can totally relate with all the things you need to do. It's a lot and it's overwhelming. We just bought our house for over a year ago and most of the rooms are unfinished = a big mess. I feel embarrassed to ask people to come to our house so we need to get to work quickly!

Love your gorgeous artwork and lamps, by the way. Looking to see future projects/ progress. Happy decorating!


Lisa - A Room with A View said... [Reply to comment]

Fun projects! If you replace the boob light with something more fitting and larger it will take away the attention from the ceiling..something with lighting downward, perhaps. Maybe consider painting the ceiling a darker color? The artwork looks great propped up on the floor - how tall is it? You have a lot to look forward to.

Hogger and Co. said... [Reply to comment]

HAHAHAA, we have two canvases like that that I'm supposed to paint, and was supposed to paint like 2 years ago!
Everyone has these things to tackle. The boob light made me laugh out loud. I just found you via Chevrons & Eclairs! :) Hope you will stop by sometime, too!

STYLE'N said... [Reply to comment]

Go for the Madeline rug! You won't regret it. Every time someone comes over they ask about the rugs. Did I mention they are reversible too? But I have found similar patterns on RugsUSA...maybe you'll have some luck there.

Meera @ firstsense said... [Reply to comment]

Hello lovely, this is a great way to start the new year, by setting yourself some tasks! Lists are great, it's very satisfying to tick off each thing. Your lamps are AMAZING!! Cannot wait to see them all rewired, standing proud and shining light!

Meera xx

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

imLOVING this rug:


could it work?
logistics are tough, but not impossible!

MFAMB said... [Reply to comment]

that painting holds the key to the design of the room. fo sho!

let's discuss it.

Reshma at said... [Reply to comment]

Indeed a long list TO DO! I have those ubiquitous popcorn ceilings too! Hah! If you would peek into my'd be like got lots TO DO too!

Good luck on the revamps and lamps!

The Skårtist said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! You make me want to come over to your house right now and get started on tackling some of these projects (too bad I live in L.A.)

One step at a time is my advice to you!

Oh and I am in love with this rug:

The colors don't match my house but I've been admiring it for a few months now.

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]


Sound Horn Please said... [Reply to comment]

O la la! THOSE Lamps! How pretty are they! And how unique! Looks like a long list to keep you occupied S- but SO much fun to look forward too! HAPPY New Year! I'm catching up with weeks worth of my fave blogs finally :)

NK: Style-ING w/ Children said... [Reply to comment]

oh my god, i'm dying over those lamp bases!!! make that project #1 for your bedroom :) two birds with one stone :)))

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