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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing beats that 'wow' feeling you get when you spot something and you connect instantly. I love feeling excited to find out or see more. Well that is exactly how I felt when I first spotted Diem Chau's work. Diem Chau is a Vietnam native, who came to the US as a refugee in the 80s and is a studied and well acclaimed artist in her own right. She creates beautifully delicate pieces of art working with porcelains and various textiles. I love how her pieces unexpectedly tell a story and yet are so minimal. I never thought a plate or a tea cup would draw me in so much...they are breathtaking. Not to mention, Diem sculpts amazing pieces using crayons. Crayons people. It is amazing check it out and don't forget to see more of her talent here and her lovely blog here.
Gorgeous right? I mean that is a plate, organza and thread. Wow. Pink dress can be found here.
A tea cup...a tea cup people. Love. Red Shoes available here.
This one got me good. I love it. Slumber (49) 2011 available here.
Stunning little creations right? Spotted here.


STYLE'N said... [Reply to comment]

So pretty..I just went over and checked out her blog and work. My favorite is the tea cup and plate.

Jordana @ White Cabana said... [Reply to comment]

My jaw just dropped. These are crazy cool!
Whenever I use crayons I seem to break them in half - I couldn't possibly ever carve in to them! How amazing.

Jo @ In Corners of My Mind said... [Reply to comment]

So utterly divine! Love all of it, but the first one is amazing! Thanks for sharing and Happy Wednesday.

Tatiana Doria said... [Reply to comment]

Woow, incredible stuff!

jazzytunes said... [Reply to comment]


GB said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE those crayons, the carving looks amazing, but I'm really impressed with the concept.

InteriorGroupie said... [Reply to comment]

wow, those crayon carvings are WAY more detailed than I will ever be - beautiful

Shanthi said... [Reply to comment]

Love your finds S! U r so good at pinning these talented people. Love the plate with the plait :-)

laxsupermom said... [Reply to comment]

What an incredible artist! Thanks for introducing her to us.

Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story said... [Reply to comment]

My 8 yr old son is carving crayons all the time. I need to show him this.

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said... [Reply to comment]

Oh! I blogged about her awesome crayons back when her work graced the cover of Uppercase magazine... but how did I not see those awesome ceramics!!! Gorgeous. Simple and beautiful.

Jessie said... [Reply to comment]

She definitely has mad skills! Love her gorgeous ceramics and crayon creations. Now, I need to go check out her site to find out more!


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