Tulips work your magic and make the mom guilt go away...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I wish I could say I'm waking up feeling all chirpy chirpy today but no, not the case. I really don't want to complain, but hell, I have the urge to vent. I got another curve ball thrown at me last night that has pretty much unravelled my whole work-life-kid routine situation. Today is one of those days I just wish I could stay home and raise my kids..no drama.  Oh well..enough with the whoa is me pitty party. I'm just going to try and stare at the lovely flowers currently in my home and cross my fingers that their cheery & bright disposition will rub off on me. Come on flower fairies....make me feel better.
 Birthday flowers.

I have to trust in the power of pink right? All images via me.


modern jane said... [Reply to comment]

That must be so frustrating.. your flowers are beautiful! I hope they are bringing you a little sunshine today:)

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

Oh how frustrating! There is no perfect answer. I find myself wishing I could leave the house, without a stroller and diaper bag, and in nice clothes....stay-at-home-mom can be suffocating. And then I feel guilty about feeling that way!!!

It does take a village to raise a child. Sure you can swing it on your own, but, I think that's when we have to remind ourselves we arent super woman!!!!!!

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

Two children = two villages. ;)

jazzystunes aka sis said... [Reply to comment]

Don't you worry sis ... that is what we are here for ... to help :)

Amelia @ House Pretty said... [Reply to comment]

Good luck with the childcare situation - I've just started to look into childcare options with my first baby on the way and many have warned me that this is one of the most stressful parts of parenthood!

Jessie said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you have found a good solution for your childcare situation. The tulips are so gorgeous, I hope they lift your spirits up!


Statements in Fashion said... [Reply to comment]

Gorgeous flowers, they would definitely put a smile on my face:)

I remember the childcare days, it will work itself out, it always does. NO time is the right time for that to creep up ya....hang in there:)

Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

Oh man, that happened to me - twice. Which is why I am now a stay-at-home mom instead of Director of Marketing. It was not an easy decision at all, every month puts us further back, but we decided it was worth it. I reeeeally hope you find the solution that works for you guys - and fast! What a nightmare. I am crossing my fingers for you!!

InteriorGroupie said... [Reply to comment]

Ugh...hope things are sort of better. Your flower pictures are very pretty as an aside... :)

Vanessa@decor happy said... [Reply to comment]

Hope it all works out soon!

Ann said... [Reply to comment]

The flowers are pretty.

I was feeling that way years ago,
but now I'm okay my son did eventually grew up to be a good kid he's now 11 and turned out real responsible for his age.

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