If you HAD to pick...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is it possible to have mid week burnout? I get seriously annoyed with myself when this happens. So I will pretend I'm full of energy, creativity and productivity (laws of attraction...I'm calling on you now). What screams energy and zest better than these two rooms? So, if you HAD to pick only one space...which one would it be?
Some power red? This spce seriously wakes me up. Spotted over at Designsponge and photography by Marili Forastieri.
Or some fun texture and pattern? I like the mix of pattern and texture here. Image spotted on Idehadas.


charmaine said... [Reply to comment]

Definitely the second one!

Clare said... [Reply to comment]

These are great! I love the 2nd one - I can't resist pattern and texture :) Sorry you are stressed and feeling burned out. Just keep swimming!

Diana Mieczan said... [Reply to comment]

Totally the second one. I love the yellow chair and the awesome rugs:) Muah, sweetie

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said... [Reply to comment]

Hmmmm... tough call! I love the yellow chair, but I'm going to go with the first because I love the blue sofa with the red art.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said... [Reply to comment]

the second :)

Amberly said... [Reply to comment]

The second one! Red is a color I don't really decorate with (for reasons I don't know exactly), especially with black. I love everything about that second photo tho!

How2home said... [Reply to comment]

You have my vote for picture #2, i like the coziness that the room gives off and love the rug! The pattern is so much fun, where can you get something like this in Toronto?

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