So I have the new iPhone and I'm pretty sure it will change my life, right?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I caved and I bought the iPhone5....saying goodbye to my blackberry. I was wavering for a while but then just pulled the trigger and went for it. So now the big dilemma, which CASE and WHAT apps should I get? Currently I am nervous to even put it in my purse in fear of ruining its shiny newness (after a few weeks and the first scratch the novelty will wear off). So dear readers, surely there are apps out there that you use that have changed your life? Budgeting, diet, kid management, fitness - you know general life management? Please do share. In the meantime, here are a few iPhone5 cases I like - any of you feeling them with me?
Scales by Steven Womack available at Society6
Radiate by Jaqueline Maldonado available at society6. Comes in hot pink too.
Gold stripes Kate Spade? Absolutely love the gold.  Available here.
Purple & Gold paisley? By Noami Banks available at society6
Maybe just a touch of neon? Belkin iphone5 case available here.

So which one? Should I get a sleeve? Maybe something with a flap? Decisions..decisions. Obviously I will obsess about this for the rest of the week now.  


Tanvi said... [Reply to comment]

I really like the first and the fourth one! :)

Tanima said... [Reply to comment]

Purple and Paisley! Eeek! Is it bad that I now want an iPhone just so I can get that case? LOL

Adding the finishing touch said... [Reply to comment]

Love the Kate Spade case!

charmaine said... [Reply to comment]

I too love the kate spade case.

Gaby [The Vault Files] said... [Reply to comment]

Yay for iphone 5!!!!! isn't the absolute best?! Looove the cases you have here, especially the cobalt and gold, I think that's my fave. I'm still new to the whole iphone thing, but the nike app for great workouts is pretty good. I also love snapseed and blogto ;)

EJ @ Not A House, But A Home said... [Reply to comment]

I love the Kate Spade one! I have one like the last one, but it has a black rim. My phone is white and everyone has black, so I like to show the white off :P

Also, in terms of apps, my favs are:
Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Reeder, FlashLight, Netflix, CitytvVideo, Craigslist, Kijiji, Units, YouTube, TuneInRadio.

You're gonna love it! Welcome to the dark side muahahah!

Anisa said... [Reply to comment]

The Kate Spade one is gorg!

You must download Instagram (it's so much fun).
I love the My Fitness Pal app too -helps count calories.

And I'm pretty sure there's a Blogger app too :)

LifeBegins@Thirty said... [Reply to comment]

So fun :-) I love those cases but I have read some so-so reviews on the quality of the Society6 cases (I think Door Sixteen talked about them). I haven't picked a case yet either!

As far as apps go, the ones I use the most are BlogTO, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Flipboard, and Netflix.


Martina said... [Reply to comment]

haha welcome to the dark side :)

I've had otterboxes and haven't been too impressed with the quality to be honest (and they are supposed to be some of the best of the best on the market) as for any hard-case acrylic case, they hold up pretty well as long as you're not constantly dropping/dragging/banging them. There are a ton of custom designs on Etsy if you're looking for something a little less common.

As for apps, I love twitter, etsy mobile & instagram (Snapseed, VSCO, Squareready, and PicFx are my go-to photo editing apps & most are social media compatible. If you want free editing BeFunky is alright but the quality is a bit grainy). The blogger app is buggy, so don't rely on it for mobile posting. I also love having TWN (the weather network) app on my phone for weather accurate up to 0.6mi to your geo location.

InteriorGroupie said... [Reply to comment]

You are so fancy! I just got a 5 too, but have my fave apps that I've brought over from my old three! I just ordered a cute polka dot orange choice but to order since stores are all out of skinds, etc.

For apps - Nike Training Club is litterally a personal trainer in a phone, I highly recommend it if you need a butt kicking. My fave workouts are the 15 minute ones. Other than that, house&home app has pretty pictures, app lets you snoop on mls listings as you're on the go, and bejewelled is a stupid fun game to play while waiting for appointments and such :) I second twitter and the weather network too!

Kashmira said... [Reply to comment]

I have just caved in too! Had mine for three days now and can't stop using it! Looking for a case as well so thanks for your favs. For Apps only downloaded Instagram (one of the reasons why I wanted the phone!!)

Ashley said... [Reply to comment]

ohhh i have been debating taking the plunge to an iphone forever as well. i now kind of want one just for the case (well that and the camera). I love the first case.

How2home said... [Reply to comment]

Yes!!! Welcome to the iphone club :) You'll probably be glued to your phone for the next few days.

For apps that I use daily:twitter, instagram, facebook, shazam, td bank, whatsapp, linkedin, pinterest, dropbox and michaels

have a fab weekend Sundeep!

Reshma at said... [Reply to comment]

Welcome to the A p p l e WORLD! How were u surviving? (That was the question I got before I got my iphone)

Oh my are just gonna have fun! I love the purple and gold paisley one. My kinda style...Currently I have a neon rim around a white case.

Enjoy your hootsuite, instagram, facebook and facetime and whatsapp! And if your battery is going low because you are on Pinterest...don't say didn't warn you!

Patricia Torres said... [Reply to comment]

I love love.. the purple and paisley one.. awesome!! :)

Deb said... [Reply to comment]

You'll love the iPhone! Apps I love: Instagram, Pinterest, news apps like HuffPost and NPR, Jango for free blues music (but you can get any music you like on it), Fandango. I use it a lot for email. I used to LOVE reading New York Times articles on the phone but then they changed to subscription and I never subscribed. Outlook calendar keeps my work appointments on my phone, always good to know.

Guirand said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, I love the Phone jacket!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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