Monday Must Have...

Monday, November 5, 2012

One exciting part of the weekend for me was that my daughter got a knitting set in a birthday party loot bag.  I used to knit as a hobby when I was kid so nostalgia was coming back hard. I practically ambushed the knitting set so I could confidently show her how it was done. Ummm...not so much. Even after a You Tube tutorial it was much harder than I anticipated. I gave up for the night and vowed to try again - right after I finished looking a pretty upholstered stools and chairs.
Mango Geneva Chakki stool. Pretty eh? Who would have thought you could have got it at RugsUSA?.
Okay maybe it was just me living under a rock.
Pretty. Tribal Kilim Roundback Arm chair. Also available at RugsUSA.

A yellow knitted pouf. Can you imagine? I need to figure out how to knit again...Also at RugsUSA.