Oh Christmas tree I see...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My friend T blew me away with his gorgeous Christmas tree photos. This guy has some major talent. His combination of blue and orange ornaments are striking and his photos belong on some fancy Christmas tree website.  Serioulsy T, you've got to start doing this professionally! I asked this father of one what he likes about his tree and this is what he said, "I love my tree because it's not perfect.  There are too many elements for me to try and achieve perfection.  I can trim the tree with my 3 year old and watch as she unboxes her yearly ornaments and places them wherever she likes.   I would rather enjoy imperfection than stress for perfection!  Although once in a while I do catch myself looking for bare spots." Yes ladies, a collective awww is in order. 

Umm...this belongs in a magazine right? Pretty, pretty.

Gorgeous T! I think I need a photography lesson please & thank you.

“Happiness consists in always aspiring perfection, the pause in any level in perfection is the pause of happiness” ― Leo Tolstoy


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