Knock, knock..who's there? Canadian Design bloggers and a whole lotta them..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday night is where Canadian design bloggers congregated at Brassaii on King Street West in Toronto for a meet & greet. Bunch of gals (and a few guys sprinkled in the mix for good measure) got together with chic industry folks like Cameron MacNeil and Lisa Murphy from House & Home, blogger superstar Cassandra LaValle from Coco & Kelly and then of course, Canadian design gurus like Brian Gluckstein.  So what was all of this about? Why did I go? Connection I think. Like with the like. I wanted a chance to meet the folks behind the blogs I read daily. You know wonder what makes them tick, are they like me and drool over brass lamps and paint colours?  It worked. I met some great people who are so much more colourful and talented in other areas of their lives than I ever imagined. So if any of you around the world have a chance to connect with your local blogging pals but are hesitant...I say go for it. It is good conversation and chances are you'll spot some fabulous shoes & clutches too. Bonus.

Check out some photos from Alessia Lamonaca on her Flickr page (I was a bit lazy with my camera).
Mr. MacNeil himself. Photo courtesy of Alessia Lamonaca
BG himself. Photo via Alessia Lamonaca

Alright I felt a little guilty for the lack of here is another perk for attending these events. Very cool swag from fantastic sponsors like Ikea, Aya Kitchens and Bath, House and Home Magazine, Delta, Gluckstein Home, Cottonelle & CIL. Image via me.

I think I found my people...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Now that's what I call a weekend. I started it early with Blogpodium and IDS 12 and closed it off with a delightful Canadian Design Blogger soiree in the heart of the city. Let's start off with Blogpodium & IDS 12 shall we? Now, I'm not going to lie here... I went into this series with a healthy does of skepticism. I wasn't entirely sure how applicable it was to me (you know, the non-industry, loner design enthusiast type). So I was more than pleasantly surprised with what the Blogpodium ladies (Jen & Lindsay) came up with. The panelists were local media & design mavens (Margot, Kimberley, Kate & Leigh-Ann) who provided a candid and honest dialogue on how the 'media' views 'design bloggers'. They spoke of the synergies, the need for proper blog etiquette & photo crediting and a little education on what trained media folks require and expect when looking for new talent to showcase. Informative and very entertaining...these ladies were comedians. As if I didn't love Margot Austin before, her rapport with the audience and honest perspective about publishing was refreshing. Now did this all apply to me? Not entirely sure. I'm not rushing out to get glamour shots done of myself (although I could seriously use some) or start to take classes to improve my written prose. But the insight and more importantly, the conversation was enlightening and something tells me Blogpodium just scratched the surface. Alright, now for pictures...IDS 12 was total eye candy (and I'm not just talking about designer Brian Gluckstein either)..well worth it in my books. Take a look for yourself...
The Elte booth...definitely one of my favourites. I'm pretty sure the Jaipur rugs got me hook, line & sinker. They were stunning and now I'm even more jealous of my mom's upcoming trip to India. Oh, coincidentally, BG stood in this spot as I quietly watched him from afar... (sounds creepy but I was just starstruck).
 Look more pretty area rugs? Come on now..the colour is awesome. Available at Elte
Dark & moody. Nice. I think I need to venture a trip out to know..lie around on the rug to test it out.
Spotted this gorgeous little Moroccan table and gorgeous tulips at L'Atelier room at the How do you Live exhibit. The black & white inlay table with the fresh tulips is fresh & inviting.
Another exhibit that caught my eye (so much so I forgot to note who did this great work..let me know if you caught it! I love the leather, the wood and herringbone floors....husband would definitely approve here. Update: The mid-century design exhibit was done by Mazen El-Abdallah of MAZEN STUDIO and The Don Howell coffee table is from Caviar20 (thanks Jordana!)
This captain's mirror (from same exhibit above) has to come live with me. It just has too.
 You need one right? I do. Lovely tree stump stools available at Urban Tree Salvage. These babies were local Toronto trees buried under ground for years and oxidized into a lovely colour!
One of my top three booths  from Snob. Earthy, eclectic and full of character. I wanted all these stools.
Another wonderful installation here. All via Snob. What has taken me so long to go this store? People go drool over this website..Snob.
Last, but certainly not chair interpretation. Adore it. Cherish auction in support of One X One.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Today is Blogpodium and I'm excited. Kinda think it will be like a kid in a candy store feeling for me.... Hope you all have a weekend too. Happy Friday folks...

Don't forget to update my link to

Seriously, it will only take you a few seconds....pretty please.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

To update your links to my new domain name. Yep, thanks to my sister J (and her incessant nagging prompting). I have finally switched over to a complete domain name (that I bought like 2 years ago...hahah good things take time).  So for you gracious folks who actually have me linked as one of your favourite reads..please update (avoid annoying redirect messages). For those that thought for a split second, ya maybe I'll link to this chick's blog...please do. I promise it will be worth it! As a result of this shift, I lost all my links and am frantically trying to update them if I have missed yours...please let me know. Blog sharing....that's what is all about.
Oh...card design is by talented Shalon from Pretty Lovely Design!

I could get glammed up in here...

If I didn't have crazy work demands this week I would have been joining the super chic at tonight's  IDS 12 opening party. All of Toronto's design savvy will be schmoozing and enjoying the Cherish Auction where 20 iconic chairs will be re-imagined by creative designers and auctioned off in support of OnexOne non-profit, there will be fabulous speakers, great music spun by design guru Karim Rashad himself, and of course a glorious after party at The Thompson Hotel. Wow, thinking about it just made me tired. I also may have made an appearance at the launch party for out at yorkville. So many parties...of course I would have to get glammed up first and in these few spaces I could easily do that..

custom closet traditional closet
Come on you would totally get glammed up and sit in the chair and look at your fabulous self. Traditional closet design by Los Angeles interior designer Abbott Moon featured on

The Modern Glam Project modern closet
Ooh this one is lovely too. Look at those organized boots! Closet design by Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design featured on

A Designers Closet contemporary closet
Pretty chandelier and look at that shoe organization. I would just get dressed up and party in here.Another Lisa Adam creation featured on  

Who needs a personality...I've got my ipad case.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At the end of this week I'm actually stepping out of my shell (well, from behind my computer screen anyway) and attending Blogpodium at the Interior Design Show and schmoozing with glamorous blogger types at the Canadian Bloggers Event on Saturday evening. I'm pretty excited and bizarrely enough a little nervous. I mean I'm struggling with the usual insecurities, what am I going to wear and can I lose 10lbs by Friday sort of thing. I suppose the biggest thing is will I contribute something valuable to the conservation? In my mind these events are about bridging the gap between Industry and the everyday folks. Bringing design closer. Alright, I'll stop getting all deep on ya... whatever happens, I hope to meet the lovely faces behind the great blogs I read each day. Fingers crossed people don't get don't get too disappointed with me either. I'm counting on a little awesomeness to shine through. I'm looking forward to it all. In the mean time, I will psych myself up by staring at my new ipad case. Thanks to my fabulous cousin R who had to traipse around London town to find me my little Ted Baker treat!  R you are the best. This ipad case is gorgeous. So I'm hoping this baby gives me the confidence I need to get through a difficult week at work and more importantly, rock it at the  Blogpodium and Canadian Blogger event. Too much pressure on an ipad case? Nah...its Ted Baker...
I know. Simply perfect.  Ted Baker Hoola quilted ipad sleeve. You can try your best to get one here. 

I'm over at Gnaana...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Leela from Gnaana asked me to join her fabulous cast of Indian bloggers for Home Decor week. I am thrilled to participate alongside fabulous South Asian bloggers like Priya from Once Upon a Tea Time,  Anuradha from My Dream Canvas, Shilpa from Harabu House and Bhavna from An Indian Summer.  Gnaana is an online community that helps kids get familiar with their South Asian heritage and culture. A great stop for moms like me trying to teach my kids a few things now and again. Check out my post here.

Oh dragon...make it a good one.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year folks. I'm anxiously awaiting my friend J to send me her hard core Chinese new year calendar horoscope thingy. I love getting every year...get all psyched reading what is in store for me for the year ahead...what to watch for and what awesome feng shui I need to conduct to ward off any negativity. First week is awesome...and then I usually I just forget about it. is hands down my favourite part of Chinese New Year. I'm a Dragon who knows what that means for me this year. To kick it off...let's bust out some chic dragon art (not the fantasy gamer world or animated kids movie kind either). Enjoy.
Nice eh? Carnival Photo dragon by Meg from September Wren. Update: Meg was just featured collaberating with West Elm! A star is born. See here.
Neon dragon...even better. Year of the Dragon photo available by Canadian artist Nancy Falso at NancyF's Photos. 
Have you seen a better dragon watercolour? I think not. Imperial Dragon Asian Sumi-e Japanese Brush Painting available at Brazen Design Studio.
 A quick way to bring the glamorous Chinoiserie Style into your home. Lovely piece by Catherine Nolin available here.

Slap on that miracle face cream please...

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm looking forward to a spa morning with my girls this weekend. We all are due for a bit of pampering and some quality friend time. I haven't had a facial in ages and I'm hoping the spa lady can bust out some of her miracle facial magic and have me walking out 10 years younger. A girl can dream.  Happy Friday folks.
I would have spa day everyday if I had this bathroom. Rebecca Ascher design featured on Elle Decor.
Can you imagine how you would feel going in here for your shower every morning?  Also spotted on Elle Decor

If you Had to pick...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A stressful work week always make me want to just crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head...sadly, on weeks like this sleep is just an after thought. So what's the next best thing? Look at some gorgeous bedrooms of course. Two stellar ones I spotted while on Pinterest (yes, late to the game here). Which one would you pick if you only could pick one?
Beachfront drama? I'm swooning over the combination of mirrorred end tables, velvet bed, killer chandilier and sculpture off in the distance. Paige S. Schnell design featured on Traditional Home.
Or light, bright & bold? I spotted this beauty on OUATT and had to share. It is wonderful stencil design created by Royal Design Studio.

I like walking by my little gold bowl...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last month I was lucky enough to win a lovely gold brushed bowl from Harabu House thanks to Will from Bright Bazaar. It is a beautiful little piece that always catches my eye everytime I walk by. So now I'm kinda obsessed with little gold bowls and have a big urge to buy a truckload of them and scatter them everywhere (no, not really...well maybe). But I will resist the urge and just browse the lovely Harabu House site instead. They have great little treasures for your home that just give your space that extra something something.
 Pretty right? You can pick one up for yourself here.  
Yes, the bowl looks fabulous on my Tom Ford prezzie gifted to me by my little brother R who has no idea who Tom Ford even is. All images via me.

If this saree was a room...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of my favourite colour (or not quite colour) combinations is white, black and gold. I love how it can be glamorous, neutral and edgy all at the same time. I'm in the mood for all three today. Let's have a look.

Love this white, gold and black Karl Lagerfeld creation spotted here and love how the three colours work so well in this stunning Barcelona apartment designed by Ylab Architects featured on

Dramatic black and gold screams wow everytime. Bold and textured black and gold lengha by HSY  at the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal week featured on South Asian Bride Magazine. It is easily complemented at home as seen in this Ralph Lauren collection featured here.

Waterfall please....

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm speaking about braids that is. I mastered learning how to do the waterfall braid on my daughter K this weekend and well, I'm stoked.  I don't usually have skills in this area and really wanted to learn so K could rock it at a 1 year old birthday party this past Saturday. With the power of you tube and my mom actually showing me (slow instruction was required)...we had a successful braiding tutorial session. My mom always did braids on us when we were little (the ones with ribbons and double loops..classic Indian style).  I did this one all by myself. Sure, I have no idea how to do it on my own head but K loved it and the best part was she was so proud of me. Score for my mommy self this weekend. Alright Monday...bring it. This mom is on fire.

Bring me that rubber duckie...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Someone pass me some bubble bath. After this week I could use a long relaxing soak. I'll settle for an uninterrupted hot shower. Happy Friday folks.
Can I say gorgeous? I love that piece of art too. Spotted on uber fabulous Desire to Inspire.

If you Had to pick...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thanks for all the comments on my laundry list of items to get done this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But today I'm in denial about it all and would rather just look at other people's fabulous rooms. Thank goodness for the Internet. Now which room would you want to be lazy and veg out in if you had to pick?
Supermodel red? Hmm...this one might interupt my chill out state and force me on a treadmill. Image via Vogue Living Magazine.
Or Capiz shells and flowers? I could see myself hanging out here in my jammies surfing the net on my laptop with a nice cup of tea.  Image spotted here.

Top 10 updates for my house that I may or may not get to in 2012....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I figure if I write it down (well take some pictures anyway) I actually might get some of these things done this I will humour myself and see what happens. Here are a few things that need work around here (some of which my husband knows about or is just reading about for the first time now). Sure I have 56 million other resolutions, budgetary restraints and big holiday plans for 2012...but I believe if you write it will come. Universe let's make it happen.

1. That carpet's got to go yo.
Picked up this damask piece 7 years ago as a temp fix. It is too small and I want something calmer. Something like this (but way cheaper). Anybody got some suggestions?  

2. I need to replace these builder lights in my kitchen.
So boring and blah. Why are builders allowed to do this? I want these and I think I posted about it 2 years ago. I have not forgotten that means I still love them.

3. Goodbye boobie light.
Okay the popcorn ceiling has got to go to but that is not happening while we live here. So in the meantime I need to change it up, but to what I wonder? hmmm. Help.

4. Oh bedroom, how I have neglected you.
I'm embarassed to show you this but it has to be done. It's like ripping off a band aid. Where do I begin? We desperately need lamps, some art, new bedding and a chair or something. Currently husband is threatening to run to Walmart to buy some ghetto lamps because he can't take the lack of light anymore (sure its been 7 years but who is counting now?). This has become an emergency design situation.

5. Another sad grey room. Can I say prime makeover canidate?
This room would commit suicide if it could. I need to help it badly. The layout is terrible and somehow I need to make this a functioning office and a spare bedroom for all our random relatives who stop by.

6. D's bookshelf has to happen.
R & I are still debating over tall vs short bookcase (I want tall by the way).

7. My MFAMB orginal needs a wall .... like NOW.
Words can't describe how much I love this custom piece by Jenny from MFAMB. I told her to think bollywood and sent her some Indian bhangra music to get into the groove with. This baby needs a frame I think. I looks sexy just sitting on the floor. Hmm, I was thinking of using it as my jumping off point for my bedroom revamp? 

8. Foyer mirror needs an update.
Mirror needs to change to somthing like this and while we are at it let's change the plant too because it attacks me when I walk by and apparently spikey plants are a no no for good feng shui.

9. DIY these lamps that I have had for over 3 years in my basement.
I have never ever DIY'ed anything...but I gotta try right? Some polish, a little wiring and lovely black shades? Too ambitious maybe? These babies are over 20 years old I think.

10. Do something something to this blank canvas that I also have had in my basement for 3 years.
Surely the kids and I can do something creative with this canvas right?  All images via me.

Wow when you post it up like this there seems a lot for me to do. Gulp. I guess I will just keep my fingers crosssed and hope for a productive 2012. So share your tips, advice, design greatness and sure I'll even take the teasing...bring it people.

Organizing over at Decor Happy...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love organizing my jewellery. You know hanging up necklaces so you can actually see them and placing earrings just so. Its a great feeling to have all your baubles in the right place.  For me when I can actually see what I have, I wear it more. The best part? Making room for new little gems to add to my collection. You can catch my closet jewellery reorganization (more importantly my long overdue before and after) over at Decor Happy. Lucky me is participating with some pretty cool Canadian bloggers!
Aww just looking at my favourite spot makes me happy. Image via me.