Guest Post....Vanity in Vanilla... Pick up some ladoos and of course a pretty card...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lucky me today as I have Manal from Vanity in Vanilla doing a desi inspired post for me. Nothing like young fresh perspective to shake things up around here. Manal is an architecture student at U of T and she writes a beautiful blog that blends eastern and western traditions in design and food. I've met her in person and frankly, she's a gem - take it away Manal.
Did I mention how pretty she is too?

Wedding season is upon us once again! I was out shopping for a greeting card the other day and some Indian styled cards caught my eye. I picked one up, flipped it around and it turned out to be a Papyrus card. Seriously, who can resist a Papyrus card? Interestingly, Papyrus has a whole line of ethnic cards - everything from Indian paisley prints to Chinoiserie and Japanese cherry blossoms. Many of them are blank on the inside allowing you to customize however you wish. I think these would be great for whatever South Asian wedding you plan on going to next. We've already seen an array of of embellished mithai boxes available at local sweets restaurants. Perhaps a card like this would be the perfect pairing to your fancy mithai box which you'll likely take to one of the events in a week long (sometimes more!) of festivities... Or maybe, if you're the bride (or close family member of the newly weds) you might want to use these to write thank you notes to the few loved ones who made the big day go off without a hitch.

So much pretty. Thanks Manal. For more Vanity in Vanilla musings you can check out Manal's can check out her facebook & twitter  & pinterest pages.