I'm bored of my blog.. now what? we break up?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I've been slack around here. Sorry for that.  Sure I have house stuff going on, but nothing that strikes a flare to share. You know what I mean? It's totally sad - I'm bored of my own blog. So I do what any normal person does and just ignore it all. You guys bored of it too? Come on...spill it. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I focus on certain things, keep going as is? Call it quits? I don't know. How do I improve this 'ho hum' feeling? Extended summer break maybe? Hmm. Gosh darn it - have I become boring? Now that is a bigger problem.
Help. I say this to my kids all the time and is it now applicable to me? Via.


Alex - Hydrangea Girl said... [Reply to comment]

I hear you ... I've had a couple of moments like this lately, but I think it's important to not put so much pressure on yourself. Only blog about things you're really passionate about, which may mean you blog only once every two weeks, or less.

If you're bored with what you're blogging, people can tell. Invest in yourself - it's okay to take a break. Quality over quantity.

;) xx A

Priya OUATT said... [Reply to comment]

You and me both! I have been feeling this way lately but the one thing that stops me from blogging is this: whenever I get on to the internet and start browsing my favorite blogs and look at all the gorgeous pictures, my mood starts to lift and I feel inspired, happier and more relaxed. It feels good to be part of this inspiring community. I think thats a reason not to stop blogging. Maybe a summer break?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Just post when you feel something bubble up and spill over! We will still be here!!

Cathy said... [Reply to comment]

It would be terrible if you stopped blogging.... so hope you do not stop. Just post when you feel like it is something that you love. Then it is a great post not a gee I have to post something kind of post.

InteriorGroupie said... [Reply to comment]

bored bored bored!! I hear ya...I am constantly thinking - did I really used to blog 5 days a week? And people actually cared about my strawberry pie I baked?...Ok....whatever. Haven't been feeling the inspiration for some time now, which is obvious from my pure lack of posting!

myblissonearth said... [Reply to comment]

Agree with the other posters...would be sad if you completely stop, but maybe not a bad idea to take some time off and just give yourself a break. If you come across something you really love or something you want to share, then hit the blog.

Kerry said... [Reply to comment]

I was feeling the exact same way for ages (hence a slow first half to the year). Then, we moved into the house and I'm feeling inspired an ready to share again. Still not every.single.day... but more than I did before. Just give yourself a break. You'll know when you're ready to come back... or if just not feeling it, you'll know that too!

Reshma at masalamangomantra.blogspot.com said... [Reply to comment]

Same pinch! But need to bounce back! I have my parents visiting us from India...I take that as an excuse for not writing anything new...but nah....that shouldn't be it! I wouldn't like you to stop writing! You come up with some great ideas and finds!

Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

Know that your posts would be missed. But it's no problem to redirect your creative awesomeness to a fresh outlet. Highly recommend reading The Dip by Seth Godin to help discern whether it's quitting time, or just a low period: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/the_dip/

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Some of us look forward to having a coffee and reading your lovely blog!! You are great at what you do! take a break and don't put pressure on yourself...we all need to spice things up! Pardo

Alexa said... [Reply to comment]

You can always find your creativity in different places! That is a guarantee!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! Are all of us feeling the same thing??? I can see from the comments that a bunch of us that started blogging at the same time have gone through this same slump. I pretty much stopped for a while... felt like I had nothing to say (or at least nothing I wanted to share with anyone!) But I have missed it, so I'm definitely planning to get back to regular posting... but probably going in a new direction soon. I'd say take a break... but don't break up! You aren't boring!

Vanessa@decor happy said... [Reply to comment]

I hear you! My blogging was never daily or anything but I have really slowed down. I don't think I could ever stop blogging but I have learned that I am a designer first and a blogger second so that will always be my priority. I always love coming by here to see what art you have found or your "if this saree was a room" posts - love those.

Jordana @WhiteCabana said... [Reply to comment]

No! Say it ain't so! You've got to keep with the saree-to-a-room posts at least! I think the saree fabrics are just spectacular and I don't see anything like it around the blogosphere at all. Do you love the saree posts as much as I do or are you bored of them too? I wonder if you can expand that series somehow - travel photos, art, other comparisons?
Blog breaks are allowed...and I find things do slow down in the summer in general!

Deb said... [Reply to comment]

I have loved your blog! I'd say to find your passion and blog when you feel it. There's no need to blog all the time. Because it shouldn't feel like work, it should be a fun thing to do in your life!

Amelia @ House Pretty said... [Reply to comment]

I would miss your posts for sure, but I know how you feel - I've been feeling the same way myself, as I'm sure readers of my blog can tell. I think summer is a natural time to take a break from things and maybe by the fall you'll be feeling inspired to blog more!

DENNY BLOGSPOT said... [Reply to comment]

I hear you! My blogging was never daily or anything but I have really slowed down. I don't think I could ever stop blogging but I have learned that I am a designer first and a blogger second so that will always be my priority. I always love coming by here to see what art you have found or your "if this saree was a room" posts - love those.

ChrisToronto said... [Reply to comment]

Blogging is like a marriage with peaks and valleys. You're in a valley, just ride it out. I found that after two or three years I'd said what I had to say but I still enjoyed having the outlet for those occasional times when something cool came to my attention. Don't fold the blog, just give it a rest until your enthusiasm returns. Do it less frequently but hold onto it.

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