I was skeptical but Blogpodium did me good...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I attended Blogpodium this past weekend and managed to learn a few things I didn't expect to. I've attended this conference for the last few years and each year it has gotten bigger and better. Jen for Rambling Renovators and her team did a great job. To be perfectly honest though,  I walked into the conference a little skeptical. Probably because blogging has taken a backseat around here and I figured, what more can I hear about blogging that I haven't already heard before? I didn't plan for light bulb moments, but they came.

1. Think like an editor
I thoroughly enjoyed all the magazine editors at the conference offering their insight and literally a snapshot into what makes their profession work. I think I'm officially a Margot Austin groupie, she is incredibly articulate, funny and provides a perceptive viewpoint on blogging and the publishing industry. Which got me thinking. I need to think more like an editor: focus my messaging, be cohesive, consistent with content and edit. Ideas are bubbling.
I forget how pretty my city is sometimes.

2. Blogs can make money, stupid
Can I just say Karen Bertelson from the Art of Doing Stuff did an amazing workshop. I was expecting funny (in fact, that's why I picked the workshop to begin with). What I didn't expect is that she made a very astute point about the power of the blogger. The more transparent and candid bloggers are with their experiences and earnings the more they can change how bloggers influence purchasing power with consumers.  I could have listened to her for hours.

I adore BG. I love this tray and need to buy it. 

3. Nix the pressure, blogging doesn't have to be your day job
I got an energy boost from all the young and new inspiring bloggers that attended this year to learn more about the blogging community and find their potential. But it dawned on me that I'm totally okay with not being the enthusiastic twenty-something, design career type and rookie blogger. Blogging is not my business, nor is it my day job - and I'm totally fine with that.
Bless them. The Tonic Living ladies made me actually think I could sew something.

4.  Think bigger
But that doesn't mean if I think of something bigger and better, that I shouldn't just go for it and see what happens?
Candy bribery worked in the Delta booth.

5. Don't be wimp, ask to collaborate 
I need this to be a blogging goal for me. Sure, collaborating could possibly mean rejection but it may also lead to bigger and better things. I'll hedge my bet on the latter. If none of that happens I'll just enjoy the fun in it.  I have some collaborating ideas brewing - maybe with one of you reading right now.
What awesome Toronto bloggers look like. Cheer leading with the talented and lovely Stephanie from Lealou

Whoa, this was a long one. I really need to practice editing.  


Gaby [The Vault Files] said... [Reply to comment]

Great recap Sundeep! It was so nice to meet you in person!

April said... [Reply to comment]

Dude, we were in the same session and didn't see each other! Ridiculous.

Also, I totally tried to steal that BG tray but no one would turn their backs long enough for me to run away with it. Awkward. And frustrating. I wish I had snapped a photo! It was totally gorgeous.

Great recap of the event -- what I think is most interesting is how so many of attended the same sessions (and we all clearly attended the same event overall) yet came away with such different a-ha moments, realizations, inspirations and goals. I suppose that's what make an event like this so successful: everyone gets exactly what they need, at the time they need it.

Hoping to see you at the next event, and if you're looking to hook-up for a collaboration, I'm definitely available. Just sayin'.

xo A.

PS -- GREAT city shot! Beautiful.

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