Fly in, host a bridal shower and enjoy some tea and then fly out...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yep, that was me last week. I flew out to London, UK for a few days to host a bridal shower for my dear cousin R. It was a whirlwind of a trip but we had some great quality time together. I loved hanging out with my sisters, my mom, my sister-in-laws and my lovely aunt! The bridal shower was a success and I had a few moments to escape and enjoy some lovely mad hatter afternoon tea at The Sanderson Hotel. Oh...I did I forget to mention I also danced the night away at a hen night? Whirlwind sleep-deprived trips across the ocean can do the system good.
Yummy afternoon tea.

 I loved seeing how they presented the sugar - I had one of these boxes growing up.

King & Queen tea. yum. 

 I had some mint chocolate chip tea. Delish.

 Then I went into the ladies room and spotted my dream mirror and well, naturally had to take a photo.

 The Sanderson hotel had fantastic pieces of furniture.

Fantastic art.

 Then we hosted a bridal shower and my SIL hooked us up with some delicious macarons!

 Fantastic english shortbread in a bridal shower theme.

 My other SIL found a great baker who created this delicious was almost too pretty to eat.

Our sweet table.

The condo we stayed at in centrl London during our hen night festivities. Check out the beams!

 An inustrial theme going on.

This worn in leather chesterfield was perfect.

Ah the Brits....

all images via me.