I want Mala & Lucky for Christmas...so I think I'll just buy them for myself.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lately I've been obsessing over art online.  I've been just ogling over things online and making my little wish list grow longer and longer. One of my long time favourite artists is Meera Sethi (here) and now she is back with great new art. She is an extraordinary local talent and you can see her work on her website and blog! I think it is time that I have some of her work grace my own walls at home. I would wait for Christmas, but then again, why wait?

Oh I love you Mala. Perfect.

Can't decide if I should pick Tamana?

Or balance it out with Lucky? Gosh darn it...decisions.

Maybe if I wish hard enough, one day I can own this original. Mariam Maharaj.

For those of you who want some in your home Meera is doing a special free shipping special in November! Could be a great gift idea!