Don't be jealous...I went to Christmas town..

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Really,  there is a little place up here (near Milton for you locals) where Christmas town exists. The brains behind this operation was my sister J. She is good at finding 'activities' to do with kids. Love that - I just tag along. So we went on a wagon ride decked out with Christmas bells, chilled out with Ms Claus, had some hot chocolate & cookies and visited Big S himself in his country cabin. I totally took about 1000 photos of my kids and my kid told big S that I want lipstick for Christmas. Lipstick? Really? I smell a what I want for Christmas post coming on....
 Santa's desk.
 Christmas tree au natural.
 The lady who runs the show.
 Elf station.

These horses were pretty. Good times in Christmas town.


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