About Me

Designwali. Pseudo translation is a 'girl who knows design'. Not entirely sure how much I 'know' about interior design except for the fact I love reading and talking about it. I'm a self confessed design enthusiast.  By day I'm living the corporate life but by night I like to moonlight as an interior designer. Beautiful spaces make me happy. It is simple as that really.

My dream home would be a blend of modern and clean design elements with a South Asian touch. I'm a Canadian through and through but love the sometimes earthy and sparkly uniqueness that comes with Indian design. Hard to say which I love more, depends on the day.

In case your wondering, like many of you, I work too much and play too little. Looking to fix that. I'm a brown gal (Indo-Canadian to be PC), married with a couple of kids, live in the burbs and constantly looking for a design fix.

Design junkie? Perhaps.

Designwali. Indeed.